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The United States had a Cuban spy for 42 years

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The United States had a Cuban spy for 42 years

Former US Diplomat Accused of Being Cuban Spy

Former US ambassador, Victor Manuel Rocha, has been accused of secretly serving as a Cuban agent for 42 years, according to the United States Department of Justice. Rocha, a former ambassador to Bolivia from 2000 to 2002, is alleged to have been working for Cuba since as early as 1981. During his tenure in various positions, he had access to valuable information, even after retiring, and was in contact with the Cuban intelligence agency, the Directorate of Intelligence or DGI.

Rocha was caught in a trap by the FBI posing as a new contact, where he praised Fidel Castro and described Cuban spies as comrades. His case is not the first of its kind, with Duyane Norman, a former head of CIA operations in Latin America, acknowledging that Cuba is recognized as one of the best intelligence services in the world.

The success of Cuban intelligence is attributed to strategic recruitment and patience, as evidenced by other instances such as the case of Ana Montes, the top Cuban analyst at the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency. Despite being released from prison in January, Montes served as an agent for 17 years and revealed sensitive information to Cuban intelligence.

The DGI’s success is also attributed to its exploitation of ideology, rather than relying on blackmail techniques. Rocha and Montes, for example, were motivated by their anti-US ideologies, with Rocha stating that his “number one priority” was to prevent any action that would jeopardize the Cuban revolution.

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Cuba’s intelligence tactics have proven highly effective and continue to pose a significant threat to US national security.

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