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The surprising story behind the Christian song by Wilfran Castillo

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The surprising story behind the Christian song by Wilfran Castillo

In an interview, the singer of Christian music Gilberto Dazawho is a musical partner of the accordion player Sergio Luis Rodríguez, revealed the story behind one of the songs by the vallenato composer Wilfran Castillo.

It’s about the song ‘The wings of the butterfly’, which is based on a praise to God. According to Gilberto, Wilfran had that song “stored in a trunk”.

He had this song in a sacred trunk and he wouldn’t give it to anyone, and he told me: ‘I wrote this song after seeing on the Discovery Channel how some Scientists denied that God was real. They argued in a thousand ways that God was not real, that everything was in the mind, that everything was a confusion.”, expressed the artist.

Later, Wilfran decided turn off the television and he approached one of the windows, where minutes later a butterfly arrived.

He began to closely detail the wings of the butterfly and this thought came to him: ‘how can they deny that God is real if when I see the wings of the butterfly I see the perfection, the detail. God is real and God is the one who has made all things. God is the one who made the wings of the butterfly’”Gilberto told.

One of the verses of the song says: “How good have I been to you
that you get me out of any problem
How much do I deserve to be your friend
That instead of giving me a punishment
If I have fallen, you encourage me.
How much I want you to show up
Before those who have ignored you
Tell them how you made the stars
That in Discovery they tell it
But they have not convinced me.
I love you Lord I love you
I love you i need you
I love you, don’t let go of my hand
That I just want to follow your path”

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