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The wife of alias ‘El Negro Ober’ is sent to prison

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The wife of alias ‘El Negro Ober’ is sent to prison

A guarantee judge from the city of Barranquilla sent the Buen Pastor prison to the sentimental partner of alias ‘Negro Ober’, leader of the criminal organization ‘Los Rastrojos Costeños’.

Apparently Julieth Vanessa Martínez Cantillo, alias ‘Johanna’ was in charge of managing the finances of the criminal group that intimidated various sectors of the Atlantic.

The Prosecutor’s Office charged him with the charges of homicide, terrorism, aggravated extortion and conspiracy to commit an aggravated crime for the purpose of extortion.

It should be remembered that a few days ago alias ‘El Negro Ober’ was recorded from prison threatening merchants and even authorities if his wife was prosecuted.

On the other hand, the defendant’s defense tried to mediate in order to obtain house arrest, however, the judicial body denied the measure due to an alleged escape in 2013.

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