Home News They announce a million-dollar investment for security cameras in Santa Marta

They announce a million-dollar investment for security cameras in Santa Marta

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They announce a million-dollar investment for security cameras in Santa Marta

By: Ana Maria Remon

The command of the Metropolitan Police of Santa Marta in coordination with the district administration and the National Fund for Citizen Security and Coexistenceannounced the amount of the investment that will be made for the new security cameras that will be located in different parts of the city to counteract the crime situations that have recently occurred in the city.

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In the company of Lieutenant Colonel Óscar Andrés Cárdenas Peñadirector of the National Security Fund, who arrived in Santa Marta to make a presence through the office of telematics, who will be pending accompanying the Mayor’s Office throughout this process, in order to provide support regarding the coexistence of citizen security.

That being said, the Secretary of SecurityBladimir Torres, stated at a press conference, that they are awaiting the next results to continue with the security cameras project, and raise before the National Security and Coexistence Fund citizen a plan for it.

Colonel Adriana Paz, commander of the Santa Marta Metropolitan Police; Lieutenant Colonel Óscar Cárdenas Peña, director of the National Fund for Citizen Security and Coexistence, and Bladimir Torres, District Security Secretary.

On the other hand, he stressed that, with all the police accompaniment and together with the alcaldesa Virna Johnson provided the necessary resources for the process.

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the colonel Adriana Paz, Commander of the Metropolitan Police, expressed that, “we continue to work hand in hand with all the institutions, with our Mayor’s Office, our Secretary of Security, with all the unions we are doing the task here, generating important results. You were able to show in the general report of the actions of the Metropolitan 47 capturesbefore all of them in the possession of illegal marks, narcotics, theft and we continue with this important plan to guarantee citizen security and coexistence.”

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