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They impose five fines on the driver of the R-102-A

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They impose five fines on the driver of the R-102-A

In a video that circulated on social networks you can see when a driver on Route 102 exceeds the capacity of the passengers, made an improper maneuver and put the lives of the people who were driving on the bus that was circulating on the highway at risk. Port of La Libertad, for which the Vice Ministry of Transportation (VMT) applied five fines and must pay $260 for all violations.

“They report an R-102-A bus that is circulating on the highway to the Port of La Libertad full of passengers and some are at the doors at risk of falling and creating a tragedy,” the complaint reads.

For its part, the VMT reported that they immediately identified the driver of the unit with plates AB 70699. Likewise, it was detailed that the fines are: for disputing passengers jeopardizing road safety ($57.14), allowing passengers to get off the front door and get in through the back ($57.14), driving with the doors open ($34.29).

Also allow passengers to travel seated on the left side of the driver ($57.14), and exceed the passenger capacity according to the vehicle’s own specifications ($57.14).

“We urge the population not to endanger their lives or those of other road users,” the vice ministry reiterated.

In addition, it was reported that several motorists were penalized, including collective transport motorists, who were caught circulating on the shoulder of the road, for which the VMT managers imposed a fine for not respecting the vehicle line ($34.29) in the sector known as El Poliedro, on the western Pan-American highway.

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In response to a citizen complaint, the VMT, with the support of the National Civil Police (PNC), intercepted a driver in an obvious state of intoxication on the Pan-American highway.

“When the breathalyzer test was performed, the result was 270 mg/dl of alcohol in exhaled air, which could have caused mourning in some Salvadoran family, but thanks to a citizen complaint it was able to be taken out of circulation,” indicated the VMT.

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