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They investigate construction deficiencies of the César Conto Ferrer Theater in Quibdó

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They investigate construction deficiencies of the César Conto Ferrer Theater in Quibdó

The premature deterioration of the work, due to lack of maintenance and inadequate construction, are some of the situations detected in an audit and which led to the opening of this process.

The initial value of the damage to public property in this case reaches $9.240 million.

As a consequence of a fiscal discovery for $9,240 million detected in a compliance audit of the Ministry of Culture, the Comptroller General of the Republic opened an ordinary process of fiscal responsibility for alleged irregularities evidenced in the execution of Contract No. 3282 of 2017, whose purpose it was the “CONSTRUCTION OF THE CÉSAR CONTO FERRER THEATER”, in Quibdó.

Said contract was entered into between the MINISTRY OF CULTURE and the contracting firm AXIOMA INGENIERÍA SAS

Within the open fiscal responsibility process, precautionary measures were decreed against the alleged fiscal responsible, to guarantee the compensation of the patrimonial damage.

In the audit, carried out by the Delegate Comptroller for the Education, Science and Technology, Culture, Recreation and Sports sector, it was verified that the built work presents premature deterioration, caused by lack of maintenance, and the concrete and metallic structure presents oxidation due to continuous exposure to moisture and weather.

In addition, it is not functional given the inadequate construction in contrast to the project designs and non-compliance with current technical regulations for this type of construction, which means that the theater cannot fulfill its purpose.

Inadequate work of the audit and supervision was also verified, which received and approved, respectively, modifications in the amounts of work that affected the budget of the same, exhausting the resource to achieve the completion of the civil works.

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And the evaluation carried out by the CGR made it possible to determine that the properties destined for the new theater were not cleaned up, before the opening of the state contracting and construction process.

Another situation that affected the project is that a complete analysis of the studies and designs that supported the technical specifications of the work was not carried out and that, even during its execution, they continued to modify them.

Origin of the contract and financing of the project

The recovery project of the César Conto Ferrer Theater was born in March 2016, at the initiative of La W Radio, private companies and the Ministry of Culture, given the need to have a space that would meet the demand for artistic and cultural activities and programs of the town of Quibdó.

Due to this, the Nation, through the Ministry of Culture, appropriated resources for $11,724,944,759, which gave rise to work contract 3282 of 2017 and audit contract 3300 of 2021, also counting on donations for $1,584,785,996.

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