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They investigate the crime of a man in El Juncal, Palermo

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They investigate the crime of a man in El Juncal, Palermo

In El Juncal, in Palermo, Huila, the crime of a man known as ‘Morocho’ was recorded.

The man brutally murdered in a hitman attack that is being investigated by the authorities was identified as Jorge Antonio Garrido Salas, 29 years old.

The events, which took place last Tuesday nighttook place near the Los Hornos neighborhood, where the tranquility was interrupted by sudden violence.

Known information reveals that men aboard a motorcycle pounced on Garrido Salas, shooting him with a firearm, without giving him any opportunity to defend himself.

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Two accurate shots hit the victim’s torso, causing fatal wounds that ended his life instantly. The residents of El Juncal ask that security be reinforced in order to guarantee the tranquility of the inhabitants.

Regarding the victim, it was learned that he had charges against him in the Police SPOA system notes for personal injuries and domestic violence.

The local police have deployed an extensive operation to clarify the motives behind this violent crime and bring those responsible to justice. Meanwhile, neighbors and friends of the victim have gathered to say goodbye to ‘Morocho’.

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