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They order the capture of “Black Willy” for the assault on TC

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They order the capture of “Black Willy” for the assault on TC

Screenshot of video broadcast on Facebook, with one of the few photos that exist of William Alcívar Bautista, alleged leader of Los Tiguerones.

The Judge of the Judicial Unit of Criminal Guarantees Specialized for Organized Crime in charge of the terrorist assault on TC Televisión’s headquarters in Guayaquilwhich occurred on January 9, has issued preventive detention against William Joffre Alcívar Bautistaalias «Black Commander Willy«, who is identified as the leader of the Los Tiguerones gang.

The judge has ordered the respective incarceration ticket, in addition to his location and capture to the National Police.

The Prosecutor’s Office has accused William Alcívar of the crime of terrorism. At the connection hearing, the prosecutor in charge presented as elements of conviction the versions of several of the defendants, which indicate that Alcívar would have given the instructions and orders for the incursion into the television medium.

The indications and evidence collected by the Judicial Police were also presented, such as firearms (two revolvers, two pistols and a submachine gun), ammunition and explosives, several cell phones and communications radios, which are entered in the chain of custody in the Judicial police.

“Black Willie”

William Alcívar, 35, known as Negro Willy and leader of the narcocriminal gang Los Tiguerones, is a former guide at the Litoral Penitentiary, where he started working as a “public servant 2” in May 2012, according to the newspaper El Universo.

In 2015, the first complaints against him for illicit association were already registered. In 2020 he was prosecuted for the murder of Édison Guerrero Escobar, in the El Arenal neighborhood, in Esmeraldas. The prosecutor’s accusatory ruling was not validated by Judge Saby Hinojosa, who ordered his dismissal.

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That same year he was called to trial for the introduction of drugs into Regional 8 of the Penitentiary; however, he denied responsibility for it. Two years later he was considered the leader of Los Tiguerones, then described as an armed wing of Los Choneros.

“Their activities are concentrated in the Nueva Prosperina district,” says a report from the National Anti-Drug Directorate, cited by El Universo, which mentions the Negro Willy as the one who commands the organization, although he also includes two of his brothers in the leadership: Álex (alias Snoring) and Luis (aka Puja).

Fito’s enemies

From the information available, it is known that Los Tiguerones later became independent from Los Choneros and confronted them. In February 2021, they caused the first major massacre in the prisons. According to a police report, cited by GK, Black Willy would have ordered the murder of alias Fitothe leader of Los Choneros.

The plan failed and the massacre broke out, leaving 80 prisoners dead.

That same year, on September 28, 2021, Los Tiguerones carried out another great massacre in the same Litoral Penitentiary, after attack pavilions 1 and 3, where Los Choneros were located, who repelled the attack. 116 inmates are murdered: the most serious massacre in the history of Ecuador.

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