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They pursue a boat that was transporting cocaine

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They pursue a boat that was transporting cocaine

As a movie operative described the authorities the pursuit of a motor ship in the waters of the Valle del Cauca Pacific.

As reported by the National Navy, during its surveillance and control operations They located a boat that was moving through this area of ​​the department and immediately proceeded to catch up with her.

The institution indicated that when carrying out the interdiction operation, the boat tried to fleestarting the chase.

He also participated in the operation a Colombian Air Force helicopterwith whom a task of intercepting the ship by air and sea was carried out.

After being hit, the uniformed men boarded the boat in which they found three crew members who were moving in it.


Likewise, when inspecting the interior of the boat, a shipment of more than 700 kilograms of cocaine that was transported in it.

The hallucinogen, the authorities indicated, was distributed in 91 packages, and also the alkaloid was found in some cans that were transported on the boat.

Likewise, they reported that with this seizure the entry into the market of 26 million dollars is avoidedwhich they considered is the cost of this alkaloid.

It was also indicated that with this operation prevented from entering society of at least two million doses of this narcotic.

the captured received medical attention to determine their state of health and were subsequently handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution.

The National Navy reiterated that it maintains a permanent surveillance to guarantee national sovereignty in the country’s seas and prevent drug trafficking.

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