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They seize more than 800 bottles of contraband medicine

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They seize more than 800 bottles of contraband medicine

NASA astronaut, of Salvadoran origin, Frank Rubio, participated in a television interview, where he recalled that the most important experiences of his mission were the launch of the rocket, the space walks and the landing on Earth.

«The three biggest things for me were the launch, the spacewalks, because they were something I was very excited to do; and then return to Earth, because you are a ball of fire for a few minutes,” he indicated.

The astronaut is in El Salvador as part of an official visit organized by the United States embassy to share his experience in space and the main learnings.

In that sense, Rubio highlighted that his dream was always to become a doctor, but a few years ago he was presented with the opportunity to start training to become an astronaut. In 2022 he made his first trip to space and currently holds the record for the longest time in space by a NASA astronaut, after spending 371 days in space.

«Thank God I have had a very fun career but at the same time very difficult to learn new things. “I love the career of a medical pilot and now as an astronaut it has allowed me to learn many new things,” he indicated.

Colonel Rubio plans to travel to space again, but must wait between four to six years. In addition, he announced that he will continue supporting NASA’s work, such as missions to the Moon and Mars.

However, Rubio acknowledged that he feels “proud to represent every place I have been,” and keeps the memories of his childhood in El Salvador alive.

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«I was born in Los Angeles and lived with my grandmother in La Unión, she was a teacher, she taught me to read. “She has always loved reading, it was my favorite pastime,” said Frank Rubio.

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