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This is how the cleaning service in Valledupar rose by stratum

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This is how the cleaning service in Valledupar rose by stratum

Like almost all public services, this Sunday it was announced that by 2024 the provision of cleaning services in Valledupar in charge of Interaseo and Aseo del Norte. The increase occurred in the middle of a members’ meeting. The only one that did not support the decision was Emdupar, which participates with 10%.

In stratum 1, compared to December 2023, the cleaning service in Valledupar increased by $923 (2%) in January 2024, so it will cost $39,905 per month. In stratum 2 it increased $1.038so it will cost $42.848; in stratum 3 of Valledupar The grooming service increased by 3%, so it will cost $50,234. In stratum 4, the increase was $1,391 (3%), and the 2024 rate will be $54.439; in it stratum 5 increased $2,540 and went to $92.600; and in stratum 6 they will pay $102,708 monthly.


The Aseo del Norte company issued a statement explaining the rate increase. According to what was shared, since 2018, the Valledupar Mayor’s Office has not increased the percentage of subsidies, “a situation that affects the strata 1, 2, and 3, which are 85% of the users in the city”.

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“The update of the rates is related to the increase in the minimum wage. In such a way, the fact that it has increased by 12% by 2024 affects tariff calculations. Cleaning rates in the Caribbean region are among the most expensive due to this same situation, which makes an update of the system necessary and urgent. Municipal Agreement that establishes an improvement year by year, in order to cushion rate increasesa situation that has not been carried out,” the company said.

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On the other hand, they commented that the public cleaning service not only corresponds to the activity of waste collection, “but also establishes the sweeping of the entire city, both manual and mechanical in some sectors, grass cutting, tree pruning, container installation and maintenance throughout the city“, washing pedestrian bridges, cleaning campaign and final disposal of solid waste.”

In addition, they assured that the rates also have a proportionality in the investments made for the acquisition of new equipment and new technologies, for example, a compactor vehicle “as those that were acquired the previous year have a cost of more than 1,000 million pesos eachwithout adding the costs of maintenance, fuel, insurance policies, drivers and operating expenses.”


In the letter sent to the media, Aseo del Norte maintained that attention to critical points generates large expenses. “(This) situation is generated by bad behavior of some informal third parties and an inadequate citizen culture that delivers this waste so that they are taken to unauthorized points (…) An activity that represents more than 3,000 tons per month in collection, transportation and adequate disposal.”

Finally, the company called on the municipal authorities “in order to reactivate the work tables leading to readjusting the percentages allocated to public service subsidies collection and final disposal of solid waste, in order to alleviate the economic impact on the pockets of users of Valledupar”.

By Deivis Carodeivicaro21

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