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This is how the day goes by in Santa Marta

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This is how the day goes by in Santa Marta
In images that managed to capture the newspaper THE REPORTERit is possible to observe how the drivers began to be installed in the different points of the Troncal del Caribe and in some important sectors of the city.

In the first audiovisual pieces, the owners of the flyer of the so-called ‘yellow spot’ were located at the Mamatoco roundabout, which connects with the national highway. At the beginning of the day, they enabled the passage for vehicles and public transport; howeveror, with the passing of minutes, they completely blocked the road artery, generating traumatisms in the mobilization.

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Another of the blocked points is in the roundabout of La Piragua, at the height of the Caribbean trunk. There, long lines of taxi drivers have hindered the mobilization of other drivers.

Faced with the blockades carried out by the drivers, many Samarians were forced to leave from the early morning from their homes to try to find transportation to get to their places of work.

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