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The book “Fujian, Minshui, Wuhuaxin” records General Secretary Xi Jinping’s full support for enterprises and entrepreneurs when he was working in Fujian in the section “Dare to be the first in the world“. As a witness, Liu Jieming, president of the Provincial Federation of Enterprises, told reporters about the past once again——

Thoughtful years gather strength to forge ahead

Southeast Net, July 5th (Fujian Daily reporter Lin Kan)

An inspection to motivate cadres and workers to reform and innovate

“The book “Fujian, Minshui and Huaxin” published the story of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s attention, care and love to enterprises, entrepreneurs and the Provincial Federation of Enterprises when he was working in Fujian. It was very kind after reading it.” Provincial Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as “Provincial Enterprise Federation”) Chairman Liu Jieming said excitedly.

Ordering books, organizing studies, seminars… Opening Liu Jieming’s schedule, all kinds of matters related to the study of “Fujian, Minshui, Wuhuaxin” are fully arranged. “We need to act as soon as possible to set off a learning boom in the entrepreneurial community.”

“The book records some details that I was cared for by the general secretary. I feel very honored and lucky. This is an unforgettable moment.” Liu Jieming recalled the past in his office.

In 2000, under the promotion of Xi Jinping, Fujian promoted institutional reform and implemented the separation of government and enterprise. In May, Liu Jieming was transferred from the Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Electronics Industry to the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Electronics Group.

“Before taking office, the governor asked me to talk.” Liu Jieming talked about the past again. “He said that the electronics industry in Fujian is ‘get up early and catch up late’, Bailing Computer, Furi TV, Queen Refrigerator, Narcissus Washing Machine These are the first electronic industry brands that emerged in China after the reform and opening up, but now a group of companies outside the province have come after. He told me to plan well and formulate development ideas; not only to develop well, but also to drive the whole Provincial industry development and progress.”

At the end of the conversation, Xi Jinping asked Liu Jieming with concern whether there was anything that needed the support of the provincial government.

“At that time, lack of funds, heavy debts, and redundant staff were common conditions for provincial state-owned enterprises. Everyone was in difficulty, and we couldn’t reach out for it. But I still made a request, urging the provincial governor to inspect the group after it was officially listed and operated, and give The majority of cadres and workers cheered. He agreed on the spot.”

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On October 7, 2000, the electronic group was listed for operation. On January 11 of the following year, Xi Jinping came to inspect the group as scheduled. This has become a permanent driving force for the reform and innovation of the majority of cadres and workers in the group.

Fully support, from “turning losses into profits” to “100 billion group”

In the first two years of the establishment of the Electronics Group, a series of major business reforms were promoted –

In 2000, he participated in the joint-stock reform of China Picture Tubes (Fuzhou) Company, and participated in Huaying Optoelectronics; in the same year, he acquired the controlling stake of its subsidiary, Xingwang Ruijie, from the troubled Shida Computer; in 2001 and 2002, twice Implemented major asset reorganization of Furi Electronics, which was poorly managed; in 2001, the state-owned controlling rights of Mindong Electric were recovered from the entrusted private enterprises and transferred to Electronics Group…

“In those years, these major events involved several influential enterprises in the process of reform and opening up in Fujian. Whether it was a face-to-face report or a document request, Comrade Xi Jinping gave full support. Some of these reforms were implemented under his personal guidance. “Liu Jieming said.

“In 2002, Comrade Xi Jinping promoted the authorized operation of state-owned assets, and the state-owned capital investment and changes in state-owned assets within 50 million yuan were determined by authorized operating enterprises.” Liu Jieming said that this reflects Xi Jinping’s consistent style of strong reform consciousness and quick action .

It is the authorized operation that allows the electronic group to quickly complete the smooth exit of the state-owned capital of more than 120 non-main businesses and weak, empty, and hopeless enterprises through closing, closing, merging, and transferring.

The “addition” of reform and the “subtraction” of getting out of trouble have been done right. By 2003, the group had turned losses into profits and embarked on a development path from small to large and from weak to strong.

Today, several companies that have carried out mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and restructuring under the support of Xi Jinping have not only “lived” but also become “stronger”——

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Star Network Ruijie’s operating income exceeds 10 billion yuan, which is several times the scale of Setia Computer’s most glorious period, and has become a leading ICT application solution provider in China.

Furi Electronics has successfully transformed into one of the mainstream smartphone ODM providers in the country, and has actively deployed industries such as communications and LED optoelectronics. Last year, its revenue reached 18.634 billion yuan.

Mindong Electric and China Picture Tubes were reorganized into Huaying Technology Group, and the electronics group ceded the controlling stake, realizing an appreciation of more than one billion yuan; Mindong Electric Co., Ltd., which was rebuilt after the stripping of industrial resources, re-entered the capital market on the New Third Board.

After the listing of CPT through the backdoor “Mindong”, the Electronics Group and the Putian Municipal Government each invested 2.5 billion yuan, and Huaying Technology invested more than 10 billion yuan in Putian to build Huajia Color Co., Ltd., becoming the leader of the LCD panel industry in our province. The controlling stake is now returned to the Electronics Group.

“Since I left the electronics group in 2015, the group has undergone three changes of chairman. Today, the group has become a leader in Fujian’s electronic information industry, fulfilling the requirements of the general secretary of ‘driving the development and progress of the province’s industry’.” Liu Jieming said.

At present, the electronics group has 4 listed companies, including Furi Electronics, Xingwang Ruijie, Holitech, and Huaying Technology. The asset securitization rate ranks among the top in the provincial state-owned assets system, and the total assets have increased from 2.9 billion yuan at the beginning of its establishment to 106.8 billion yuan in 2021.

Keep in mind the entrustment and be a good “volunteer” and “waiter”

In 2014, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the “relaxation and decentralization”, 30 Fujian entrepreneurs wrote a letter to General Secretary Xi Jinping. On July 8 of that year, I received a reply from the general secretary.

“The general secretary’s reply is both cordial and warm. In his letter, he praised Fujian entrepreneurs for their daring to be the first in the world and to win if they love to fight… For entrepreneurs, this is the supreme honor.” Liu Jieming, one of the 30 entrepreneurs who jointly wrote a letter to the general secretary, has a fresh memory of this.

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Liu Jieming said that when the general secretary worked in Fujian, he affirmed Fujian’s entrepreneurial spirit many times. He pulled out a copy of the “Fujian Daily” on March 25, 2001. The headline title “Understanding Entrepreneurs, Respect Entrepreneurs, Love Entrepreneurs, and Support Entrepreneurs” is particularly eye-catching.

On March 24, 2001, Xi Jinping, then governor of the province, participated in the Fujian Entrepreneur Activity Day and Commendation Conference. “Comrade Xi Jinping said at the meeting, ‘We must understand entrepreneurs, respect entrepreneurs, love entrepreneurs, and support entrepreneurs’, which deeply moved the entrepreneurs present. This has also become the work of the Provincial Federation of Enterprises today. “Liu Jieming said.

In January 2018, Liu Jieming retired from the previous year as Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. With the approval of the organization, in May of the same year, the Provincial Enterprise Federation was re-elected, and he took over as the chairman.

“The purpose of the Provincial Enterprise Federation is to serve enterprises and entrepreneurs, and its mission is to act as a bridge and link between local party committees, governments, enterprises and entrepreneurs. Therefore, I position myself as a volunteer and the chief server of the Provincial Enterprise Federation.” Liu Jie Ming said.

In recent years, the Provincial Federation of Enterprises has actively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and represented employers in participating in the provincial “tripartite” labor relations coordination mechanism; leading the selection of outstanding entrepreneurs in the province every two years, researching and publishing the top 100 Fujian enterprises and development reports, Organize major activities such as the “3.24” Entrepreneur Activity Day and “7.8” Commemoration of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s reply to entrepreneurs; organize member companies to carry out exchanges within and outside the province, organize and carry out targeted poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, support for anti-epidemic and other public welfare Activity.

“The Provincial Federation of Enterprises also regards serving the development of enterprises as a key task. We are working hard to build the Federation of Enterprises into a warm home for enterprises and entrepreneurs,” said Liu Jieming.

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