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Three problems of Fujian’s local epidemic situation in 139 positive infections in four days are highlighted_Putian

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Original title: Three problems in Fujian’s local epidemic situation in 139 cases of positive infections in four days highlighted

Latest epidemic notification: Local confirmed cases +59, all in Fujian# Epidemic

(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) 139 positive infections in four days, three problems in Fujian’s local epidemic situation highlight

China News Service, Fuzhou, September 14 (Reporter Long Min) “Resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic”, in the face of the local epidemic that has occurred since September 10, Fujian officials have shouted like this.

The situation of Fujian’s epidemic prevention and control is complicated and severe. In just 4 days, Fujian has reported a total of 139 local positive cases, showing that the chain of transmission of the epidemic is still extending.

Question 1: What kind of transmission chain is there?

As of 11:00 on September 14, Xiamen City has reported a total of 35 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 1 case of asymptomatic infection. Liao Huasheng, the deputy mayor of Xiamen, said that the 23 newly confirmed cases after 18:00 on September 13 are all close contacts of the existing confirmed cases in Xiamen, of which 22 are the first confirmed cases in the city. Wu Moumou from the same factory Colleague, another example is Wu Moumou’s daughter.

On September 12, Xiamen City reported the first case of Wu XX, a close contact of the confirmed case in Putian. At present, 33 confirmed cases of Wu’s factory are all close contacts of Wu’s factory and belong to the same transmission chain.

At the origin of the local epidemic in Fujian, Xianyou County, Putian City has formed two transmission chains: Putou School and Xiesheng Shoe Factory.

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The Putou Primary School in Fengting Town, Xianyou County was the first place where the outbreak was detected. From the case details released by the Putian City Health Commission, it can be seen that as of 0:00 on the 12th, the clustered epidemic in Putou Primary School has caused 18 primary school students to be infected.

The Xiesheng Shoe Factory in Fengting Town is another concentrated spreading point. The case details released by the Putian Municipal Health Commission showed that of the 36 new infections on September 11, 8 were employees of the shoe factory; of the 28 new infections on September 12, 12 were the same. Shoe factory employees. According to the official disclosure of Quanzhou City, as of 24:00 on September 12, among the 7 confirmed cases reported in Quanzhou, they were all related to the Putian epidemic, and 4 of them were employees of the shoe factory.

Because of these two transmission chains, the epidemic has spread from Putian to Quanzhou and Xiamen. Yao Bingshan, director of the Putian Municipal Health Commission, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that Putian’s current measures are mainly to strengthen regional coordination and control and promote nucleic acid testing.

Experts sent by the National Health Commission to Fujian work group to study and judge, as long as all measures and links are implemented, the scale of the epidemic is expected to be controlled before the National Day holiday.

Question 2: How many more infected people will be detected?

According to preliminary research and judgment by experts, the source of the epidemic is suspected to be the chain of infection caused by Singaporean immigrant Lin Moujie, and the virus gene is the Delta strain.

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This time, the cunning “Delta” not only has a long incubation period, but also spreads quickly and is highly infectious. In just 4 days, the number of confirmed cases in Fujian has exceeded 100.

Starting from September 14, Xianyou County launched the second round of nucleic acid testing for all employees, and Putian City, Xiamen City, and Hui’an County, Quanzhou City also launched nucleic acid testing for all employees. Wu Haiduan, the county magistrate of Xianyou County, said that expert judgement requires more than three rounds of nucleic acid tests for all employees and then judges based on the results. The current situation is relatively severe.

With the expansion of the scope of nucleic acid testing and the full advancement of flow traceability, Fujian is expected to have more infected people detected. According to a report from the Fujian Provincial Health Commission, there are currently 3597 close contacts in Fujian who are under medical observation.

Question 3: How to hold up a better “protective umbrella” for children?

A prominent feature of this outbreak in Fujian is the high incidence of infection among low-age children in elementary schools and kindergartens. The reporter checked the official report and noticed that the epidemic has involved at least 7 schools including Putou Elementary School, Nandaemun Kindergarten, Enlightenment Kindergarten, Fengting Central Elementary School, Qianpu Elementary School, Fengjiang Middle School, and Jieshan Elementary School.

Huang Shaomin, deputy commander of Xianyou County’s response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic and member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, revealed that as of 24:00 on September 13, of the 85 positive cases reported in Putian City, 36 students, including 8 children in kindergartens and 28 elementary school students. People, 30 people under 10 years old.

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In response to the concentrated spread of the school epidemic, all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Xiamen, Putian and other places have suspended classes, and offline teaching has been converted to online teaching. Fujian requires all teachers, students and staff of schools of all levels and types to conduct nucleic acid testing.

To give campus students a “sense of security” has become a new topic in the current “epidemic” war. The Education Department of Xianyou County is training the group of teachers, advocating teachers to pay attention to the emotions of students while teaching online. Zhang Jianxin, a mathematics teacher at a middle school in Xianyou, told reporters that the epidemic is here and the impact on students is different, so special attention is needed.

Regarding the isolation control of young patients, Wu Haiduan said that under the premise of preventing cross-infection, humanistic care should be reflected in the control. “Give him extracurricular readings and let him relax. If the child can be isolated independently, then separate alone; if the parent is needed to accompany him, then we will arrange his parents in another room where they can chat.” (End)Return to Sohu to see more


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