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Tongxiang Port and Shipping Launches “Credit Transportation Publicity Month”

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Tongxiang Port and Shipping Launches “Credit Transportation Publicity Month”

Release date: 2021-11-24 10:11

Information source: Tongxiang City Transportation Bureau


In order to strengthen the integrity education and integrity culture of the waterway transportation industry, and promote the high-quality development of the transportation credit system, on November 18, the Tongxiang Port and Shipping Management Service Center combined with party history education activities to carry out a wide range of “honesty and trustworthiness all the way” in its jurisdiction. “The theme of credit transportation publicity activities, to create an atmosphere of honesty and trustworthiness, and promote the construction of high-quality development of the waterway transportation credit system.

Widely carry out publicity services. Prominent issues in the field of integrity in the waterway transportation industry include insufficient ship manning, ship overloading, illegal discharge of pollutants, untruthful records of pollutant disposal, false qualifications of crews, false reports and concealment of dangerous goods transportation, and other violations.In the berthing area, the staff of Tongxiang Port and Shipping went up to the bow to carry out credit traffic publicity activities, and distributed the waterway transportation laws and regulations and credit policy publicity materials such as “Waterway Law” and “Waterway Transportation Market Credit Information Management Measures” to the crew. Communicate and explain typical cases of integrity, and provide consulting services for crew members on credit traffic problems encountered, To enhance the crew’s awareness of honesty and trustworthiness, and call on the crew to abide by the rules and disciplines, and consciously maintain a safe, orderly and fair waterway transportation environmentenvironment.

Standardize the development of credit commitments. “The fitness of a ship is an important condition for maintaining the seaworthiness of a ship. As the source of loading, the wharf must lead by example to the first pass and firmly guard the line of integrity. To ensure the safety of ships and shipping. When we apply for the shoreline of the wharf and operating permits We will check corporate credit files and take corresponding credit measures in accordance with the “Regulations on the Management of Public Credit Information of Zhejiang Province”. Therefore, we should pay attention to integrity management in our daily work.”The staff of Tongxiang Port and Shipping Company went to the wharf in the jurisdiction to have discussions and exchanges with relevant persons in charge of the enterprise, and took the initiativePromote Hong Kong Airlines’ policies and measures in credit supervision, And signed credit traffic commitments with enterprises to create a strong “trustworthy incentives, untrustworthy punishment” credit traffic supervision atmosphere. The staff of the enterprise expressed that they would make good use of this opportunity to widely publicize the concept of honest transportation to enterprise employees and ship owners, so as to truly ensure that the credit transportation runs smoothly, and better assist the port and shipping in the waterway transportation service work.

“Propagating credit policies, preaching credit knowledge, promoting credit value, fostering credit awareness in the waterway transportation industry, and promoting the formation of a joint force between the enterprises and ship owners in the jurisdiction and us to jointly build a credit transportation system are the main goals of our activities.” The port and shipping staff explained to the company that this event was also supported and responded to by the company and ship owners. Tongxiang Port and Shipping will fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of enterprises and ship owners in its jurisdiction to participate in the construction of credit transportation, and strive to create a good atmosphere of co-construction and sharing in the entire industry and accelerate the construction of credit transportation.

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