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Training Cycle for Sustainable Livestock began in Cauca – news

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Training Cycle for Sustainable Livestock began in Cauca – news

With the support of FAO, in alliance with the Swedish embassy, ​​Tetrapak, Alpina and Alival.

With a day at the Municipal Administrative Center (CAM) of Popayán, the first training cycle for Community Sustainable Livestock began, within the framework of the initiative led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). ), in alliance with the Embassy of Sweden, Tetrapak, Alpina and Alival, which seeks to develop a governance model for dairy producers in the department.

Representatives of the communities of Silvia, Sotará, Puracé and Cajibío, institutions, private companies and international cooperation participated in the meeting, who will join this commitment to the constitution of the Cauca Dairy Network, under a systemic and management approach. of networks, in order to consolidate common objectives.

Diego Andrés Mora, FAO program officer in Colombia, stated: “we return to Cauca with a new project, supported by Sweden, for sustainable livestock farming in which joint actions add up to achieve the expected results in a department that, like Cauca, It is agricultural and diverse in its communities.”

This was also highlighted by Darío Gribaldo, legal representative of the Association of Milk Producers in Cajibío (Asoasproleca), who placed special emphasis on participation: “among the things that caught our attention about the project, is having been called as producers since a beginning, because that allows us to raise the needs of the territory.”

This project will work with 400 dairy families from Silvia, Sotará, Puracé and Cajibío. “This program becomes relevant because what is proposed are actions designed from the territory and that will impact various aspects of the dairy production chain,” said Jenny Magali Paz Cruz, legal representative of the Association of Milk Producers of Sotará (Asproleso).

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Community Sustainable Livestock Farming represents the commitment of the actors in the dairy chain to improve sustainability and territorial competitiveness, through the generation of employment and the strengthening of their livelihoods, to make this department a favorable scenario for construction. of peace in Colombia, with the transformation of the territory and the strengthening of the self-management capacity of rural communities.

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