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Trains, planes, ferries, schools and universities: from today the new era of the Green Pass

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Is the Green Pass mandatory everywhere from today?

No. The government has decided to extend the compulsory nature of long-distance transport to school and university.

Is it compulsory for everyone at school?

No. From today, the green certification, issued to vaccinated people after the first dose, to those who are cured or to those who are negative for a tampon made up to 48 hours before use, becomes mandatory for school staff: principals, teachers, employees, collaborators. On the other hand, both students and external students as well as professors and administrators who are exempt for medical reasons are excluded. Even external staff (including pupils’ parents) are not obliged to exhibit it, although many schools are proceeding with autonomous circulars in which it is requested, for example, for interviews with teachers.

And at the university?

At the university it will serve both teachers, staff and students. Therefore, professors, researchers, deans, rectors, doctoral students, students, laboratory technicians, administrators will be obliged to show it during random checks.

Do people exempt for medical reasons have to have a swab every 24 hours?

No. They can enter schools and universities without having to take a swab every two days. Periodic screening is planned for them.

Is the Green Pass also required in private schools?

Yes, the note from the Ministry of Education to the decree of 6 August specifies that the measures concern all state educational institutions, equal and non-equal, including provincial centers for adult education and 0-3 educational services.

Who has to check the validity of the Green Passes at school?

The check will take place in two steps. Until 13 September the “verifiers”, that is the school collaborators, will check all the Qr code of the staff with the “VerificationC19” app. On 13 September the platform that the Ministry of Education is developing with the Ministry of Health and the OK of the Privacy Guarantor should debut: the control will take place automatically by connecting to the site. Every morning a green light will appear in the secretariat for those who have a valid pass, red for those who do not have one or have expired.

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What happens if you don’t have a pass?

An unjustified absence is marked: if it lasts for 5 working days, an administrative sanction is triggered (from 400 to 1,000 euros), suspension from work and salary. The school administrators will apply the sanctions. The same happens at the university. Alternates will arrive at school instead of the absent professors.

Are masks mandatory in the classroom?

Yes, for everyone, aged six and up, indoors. The ministry specified that there are no exceptions, not even for primary school children. It can only be lowered outdoors and during physical activity in the gym. Children in kindergartens and nursery schools and students with disabilities are excluded from the obligation. Masks will be distributed at the entrance of the institutes, and for the deaf they will be transparent.

Will there still be single-seat and wheeled benches?

The requirement of a meter distance between the buccal rhymes, i.e. between mouth and mouth, has been replaced by a recommendation. The CTS has specified that the distancing must be maintained “where possible”. Otherwise other measures must be taken. It is therefore allowed, if the spaces are too narrow, to bring the single-seaters, wheeled benches closer together or to use two-seaters. The priority is the return in presence.

What time do you enter the classroom?

There will be staggered hours. The first bell will ring by 8.30, the second at least an hour later.

How does the quarantine work in case of positive children or teachers?

Those who become infected must remain in quarantine for 21 days and then, if they have no symptoms from the 14th day, they can leave. In the case of a variant, a molecular is needed. For classmates of the infected, the isolation lasts 7 days if you are vaccinated, 14 if you are not vaccinated but a swab will still have to be done. To return to class you also need a medical certificate.

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Can Unvaccinated Students Ask for Dad?

No. Unvaccinated minors must also go to class face-to-face.

Will salivary swabs be done at school?

The Conference of the Regions has given the green light to the plan that provides sample salivary swabs every 15 days in the elementary and middle “sentinel schools” that will be chosen, in rotation, by the provinces.

Do I need a pass to go to school by bus?

No, on public transport you just need a ticket and a mask: surgery is mandatory, Ffp2 is recommended. The maximum occupancy is 80%. The same goes for metro and trams. Verification of compliance with sanitary measures will be carried out on a sample basis.

And on the buses?

Yes, if they travel between regions. For example it will take on the Flixbus.

Is the Green Pass mandatory on all trains?

No, only on Intercity, Intercity night and high-speed trains, that is the Frecce of Trenitalia and the Av of Italo. On regional trains, however, it will not be shown, even if they connect regions of different colors. Those without a green card will have to move into a reserved carriage and get off at the first stop. However, the mask must be kept on board, to be changed every 4 hours; food and drinks will be served only on site.

And do I need Green Certification to take a plane?

Yes. In the case of vaccinated people, unlike flights to Europe, it will be enough for 14 days to pass from the first dose. Are excluded from the obligation both children under 12 years, for now not included in the vaccination campaign, and those who cannot undergo the administration for medical reasons. In the latter case, a valid medical certificate must be brought with you.

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What are the measures for boarding ships and ferries?

Those who go to sea from tomorrow must have the Green Pass. But here too there are exceptions. In fact, the obligation of green certification only occurs if maritime transport operates an interregional service. If, on the other hand, the journey is between two locations that fall within the same Region, including the islands, a ticket is enough. Let’s take two examples: to go from Piombino to Elba, both in Tuscany, the Green Pass is not needed. On the other hand, to move from Civitavecchia (in Lazio) to Olbia (in Sardinia) you have to carry your pass with you, whether you travel at night or during the day with a fast ship. There is an exception: the Strait of Messina. In this case, even if you go from Sicily to Calabria (or vice versa), you don’t need to have and show green certification. The maximum occupancy on ships and ferries is limited to 80%.

Do taxis need the Green Pass?

No, it’s not necessary. In 5-seater taxis you can get in a maximum of two, sitting in the rear seats, unless you live together. There is always the obligation to wear a mask.

And on gondola lifts, cable cars and gondola lifts?

At the moment it is not foreseen. In these cases it is necessary to keep the mask worn and not to exceed the maximum capacity. The windows must remain open


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