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Turin, Alessandro Meluzzi suspended from the Order of doctors: he was not vaccinated

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Alessandro Meluzzi, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, a name known to television viewers, was also suspended from the Turin Medical Association for “non-compliance with the vaccination obligation”. The positions of the doctor, born in 1955, with a degree in Medicine and Surgery in Turin and close to the Brothers of Italy, has repeatedly expressed positions opposed to vaccination on TV and also participated in one of the latest street events organized by Marco Liccione in piazza Castello, saying among other things that “the vaccine is an experimental genetic serum of which we do not know the effects” and that “the pandemic is a pretext to restore the new world order”.

To date, 204 health professionals have been suspended by the Turin Medical Association, a number that continues to grow as reports arrive from the local health authorities. Only a few days ago, during the broadcast “Controcorrente”, on Rete4, Meluzzi spoke of “police management of the pandemic” but he always appealed to the right to privacy when asked if he had been vaccinated. In recent days, Silvana De Mari was also suspended, already convicted of defamation for having claimed that homosexuality is “against nature”. Health workers suspended from the Order cannot have contact with patients. The provision is valid until December 31st.


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