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Ulss 1, the 2020 financial statements closed with a loss of 4.7 million

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CEO Carraro: “The Covid emergency also penalized the accounts, otherwise we would have closed with a profit of 2.7 million”

BELLUNO. The 2020 financial statements of Ulss 1 Dolomiti closed with a negative sign. In fact, the loss of the healthcare exercise amounts to 4,700,465.10 euros, while the social area closes with a balance as always.

The year 2020 was characterized by the Covid-19 emergency which also had an important impact on the budget of the company which had to purchase protective equipment, hire new staff, in short, giving way to a series of expenses that were not certain budgeted and which led to a budget in the red.

Analyzing the value of production, it emerges that the suspension in the provision of hospitalization and outpatient specialist services, as well as the reduction in access to the emergency room, have determined, compared to 2019, an important reduction in revenues from tickets, codes whites and more equal to about -34% which is equivalent to 3.5 million euros that did not enter the company’s coffers. In addition, there was also a strong reduction in intra-regional (-19% equal to approximately 3.2 million euros) and extra-regional (-17% equal to 1.9 million euros) attractions: the latter are the result in particular of mobility restrictions. between regions and municipalities and to lockdown periods.

The Ulss then goes on to analyze the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the cost of production. “We get a value of over 16 million euros, such as for the purchase of personal protective equipment (Dpi), molecular swabs or reagents used by the analysis laboratories for reading swabs, non-employee personnel used in the management of the pandemic from Covid-19, staff of the special assistance continuity units (Usca), cleaning, transport, waste disposal, IT services.

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“Thanks to a careful management of resources, and in particular thanks to a constant search for savings on all budget items also through the centralized management of tenders, the choice of equivalent drugs and the optimized management of the warehouse, the The company managed to close 2020 with an operating result that, net of Covid expenses, fully achieved the objective assigned by the Veneto Region for the year 2020. In fact, we closed with 2.7 million euros in assets. This result is the result of constant attention on the part of the whole company, to make the best use of the resources allocated », says the general manager, Maria Grazia Carraro.

In 2019 the financial statements closed with a profit of 968,217.92 euros, an improvement on the 4 million euros set by the Region. –

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