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Ulss Dolomiti suspends the first four no vax sanitary ware

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Staff will remain at home without pay until December 31, 2021 or until they are immunized. The company announces other similar measures

BELLUNO. At the start of the first suspensions of employees of Ulss 1 Dolomiti who did not want to vaccinate against Covid-19.

Today, Saturday 7 August 2021, from the special Commission of the Prevention Department, responsible for the assessment of individual positions, the deeds of ascertaining the non-fulfillment of the vaccination obligation by four employees of the health sector.

On the basis of these acts, the general manager Maria Grazia Carraro, as an employer, has provided for the suspension of employees provided for by law. The measure will last until 31 December, unless the operators concerned decide to vaccinate, in which case they will be readmitted to service.These workers, as part of the planned procedure and despite the innumerable dialogue actions undertaken, did not adhere to the vaccination.

“Other investigations are underway and further measures could be undertaken in the coming days. These first suspensions will not create reductions in services for the citizen “, they let the strategic management know, which hopes that” health workers will fulfill the obligations required by law as soon as possible, in their own interest, their colleagues and the community “.

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