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Understanding and good sense – El Diario

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Understanding and good sense – El Diario

Only with the understanding and sacrifice of everyone will it be possible to overcome the complex moment and keep the economy, job creation and trust in institutions afloat.

Last Tuesday, the table was set up to officially begin the meetings between the government, workers and businessmen to talk and try to agree on their interests around what should be the new Legal Minimum Wage that they earn, starting from Next January 1st, nearly two and a half million Colombians.

This exercise has not been easy and, of course, it will not be easy this year with the inflation that the country is experiencing, the high interest rates and the worrying results of economic growth. The conflicting positions, the result of their natural aspirations and the economic situation, have generally meant that in recent years the hope of achieving an agreement has been diluted and ended up being a unilateral decision by the government.

This time, although the executive has not stated anything, and only the Minister of Labor has said that the recent loss of purchasing power of Colombians and the need to reactivate consumption must be taken into account, and the labor confederations and businessmen They have established their differences. While the former have said that the increase in the legal minimum wage should be double digits, the latter state that a high increase can deepen the economic crisis and put the employment of many Colombians at risk.

Find a point that reconciles the aspirations of workers who expect a high increase in their salary, with the possibilities of companies that have suffered the rigors of the crisis, high interest rates and increases in commodity prices. bonuses, and who make efforts to maintain jobs; It will be the responsibility of the government.

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The country is in a moment that requires understanding from all Colombians, whether they are workers, employers, or the government. Only with everyone’s support will it be possible to overcome the complex moment and keep the economy, job creation and confidence in institutions afloat. Therefore, what is asked today is understanding from the union organizations, sacrifice from the business leaders and good sense and justice from the government, so that together everyone can achieve that just point that satisfies the aspirations of the workers, but taking into account the possibilities of businessmen, obviously without jeopardizing the projections of the Bank of the Republic.

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