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United States Embassy in Cuba informs about deportation flight

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United States Embassy in Cuba informs about deportation flight

The United States Embassy in Cuba has announced the arrival of the eighth deportation flight from the United States to Havana in 2023. The flight returned 37 Cubans to the island who had attempted to enter the United States without authorization. The diplomatic headquarters also issued a warning, urging individuals not to put their safety or that of their families at risk and to opt for safe and legal travel.

The resumption of deportation flights for migrants considered “inadmissible” after being detained on the border with Mexico was agreed upon by Cuba and the United States in November of last year. This agreement had been suspended due to the health crisis and the deterioration of bilateral relations following the “thaw” period promoted by former US presidents Barack Obama and Cuban Raúl Castro.

Subsequently, on November 14, Cuba and the United States engaged in immigration talks, during which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged the US government to end measures that facilitate illegal emigration. The Minrex emphasized that Cubans who arrive irregularly in the United States receive “preferential treatment” and highlighted the Adjustment Law as a stimulus for illegal migration.

Carlos de Cossío stated, “For the United States, the priority of destabilizing Cuba continues to take precedence over its interest in protecting its borders.” It was also revealed that more than 12 thousand Cubans arrived at the southern border of the United States in October 2023, with the total number of arrivals at all border points exceeding 18 thousand.

These recent developments highlight the ongoing challenges and complexities surrounding immigration between Cuba and the United States.

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