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‘Vaccinators’ asked Jonathan Sánchez for five thousand dollars

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‘Vaccinators’ asked Jonathan Sánchez for five thousand dollars

Little by little, more details are revealed about the crime of the comic actor Jonathan Sánchez, known as La Moth.

The Police previously stated that in the first instance it had been known that what motivated Sánchez’s murder would be an alleged extortion under the modality of ‘vaccines‘.

This information would have been confirmed by a close friend of the comedian.

According to the newspaper Extra, days ago, the influencer had received threats through calls and text messages.

The extortionists asked him for the amount of five thousand dollars, otherwise they would attack his life and that of his family.

‘La Polilla’ refused the request and would have filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office, according to the source of the aforementioned media.

Three suspects have been arrested for the crime.

Commander Julio César Vásquez, head of the Esmeraldas Subzone, reported that the arrests are the result of an operation carried out in the sector called Mina de Piedra, in the south of Esmeraldas.

The detainees are Esteven Q, 23 years old, Esteven P, also 23, and Miguel A, 19 years old.

Sánchez He was murdered last Wednesday night in his native Esmeraldas.

Yesterday they said goodbye to him in an emotional funeral in which his wife was present, Gabriela Ramirezand his sons.

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