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Vaccini, Lazio first for coverage over 60. Sicily late

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Perhaps due to concern over the advance of the Delta variant, perhaps due to the upcoming restrictions linked to the use of the green pass, the fact is that, albeit slowly, the number of people over 60 years of age who has so far avoided (or could not) receive a dose of the vaccine. According to the data processed by Lab24, the audience remains above two million but still down compared to the beginning of July (2.6 million). The strong differences between regions are confirmed: if Lazio has vaccinated 86.5% of its over 60s, Sicily is still at 70% with 290 thousand over 60 completely out of the vaccination cycle.

At the top of the ranking

There are seven Regions (or autonomous provinces) in which the percentage of vaccinated people over 60 is over 80%: these are Lazio, Molise, the Autonomous Province of Trento, Umbria, Puglia, Lombardy and Veneto.


Sicily in line

Among the large regions, the primacy for the share of vaccinated people over 60 goes to Sicily: on the island a fifth of the oldest (20%) did not receive any dose. Very high percentages (18) also in the autonomous province of Bolzano and in Calabria.


The intermediate stage of prophylaxis, that of the first dose, should also be considered when evaluating the data. Thus it appears that Liguria, where the “completely vaccinated” are only 70.8% (just above Sicily), there is a high percentage of those waiting for the second dose: almost 15%.



The initiative of Sardinia

Some regions are trying to catch up. Like Sardinia, which organized a permanent open day in nine vaccination hubs where 5 thousand over 60 years old who had not yet undergone the first anti Covid dose were vaccinated in the past few days. Still missing 14.8%.

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