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The former senator and promoter of the first line Gustavo Bolívar, now leading the life of a capitalist touring Asian and European countries and residing in Miami, with his own yacht and mansion, announced on Monday of the previous week through a statement that the The “right” wanted to knock down Petro so as not to let Colombia change. He also warned that “no one has false illusions because Petro will govern these four years and several more years, because the people want it that way.” Nothing more fanciful, and even utopian.
The country lives in anxiety in eight months of government. Uncertainty takes its toll. Institutionality is on the razor’s edge. When a government has ministers who produce fear and hopelessness, no country can have peace of mind. That of the Minister of the Interior saying that the Caguan was not a kidnapping for extortion, including murders, but a “humanitarian fence”, was a terrifying insult to the intelligence of millions of Colombians. The thing about Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva, a friend and adviser to “tirofijo” (qepd), saying in Brussels that “if he had been indigenous he would have burned Colombia”, in addition to naming high school graduates and people without the profile required for a diplomatic career, in embassies and consulates, would have been enough to withdraw him from public life. The thing about the minister of mines, the daughter of Don Hildebrando, a great friend of Mr. Petro, who insists on ending what produces the most money for the country, money used to give monthly aid to poor Colombians as “families in action” for example. It is an aberration, especially when countries like Venezuela, Russia and the Arabs are supported by these resources. And what about the minister of health, who wants to put an end to a health system with some defects but well, to impose one similar to that of the countries taken from hell and we all know what they are. In short, these are decisions of its president, willing to change the country but, for the worse, all moved by an ideology that disappeared several years ago but that unfortunately left malicious consequences in some minds.
Yes, of course, change what is wrong because of politicking, but not to the letter, not by impoverishing and declining a country with so many possibilities of getting ahead. Those who voted, not all Petristas, did so for positive change, not for evil prospects.

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