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Viviana Calò tells a scene from Querido Fidel (Video)

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“This scene is used to understand the balance of the family protagonist of the film”, says in the video Viviana Calò, director of Dear Fidel. “In moments of peace, while she is at the table, the shot wraps her in a circular manner. But as soon as the harmony is broken, the room stops ”.

The comedy tells the story of Emidio, a Neapolitan communist from the early nineties. He is a supporter of Fidel Castro, he writes to him often and forces his family to live as if they were in Cuba. With the end of the cold war, however, his son begins to identify himself in the American dream and no longer in his father’s ideas. Making confrontation inevitable.

Viviana Calò is an Italian director. Dear Fidel is his first film.


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