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Water level in the Kachowka reservoir continues to fall

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Water level in the Kachowka reservoir continues to fall

This was announced by the state hydroelectric power plant operator Ukrhydroenergo in Kiev. The water drops about a meter in 24 hours.

The state-owned company also pointed out that the dam wall, which has not yet completely collapsed, continues to burst. The aim now is to dam the water of the Dnipro in the reservoirs above the Kachowka station in order to have reserves for the summer.

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Kherson region, the flood water dropped by 20 centimeters compared to the previous day, according to the Ukrainian military governor of the region, Oleksandr Prokudin. The level showed 5.38 meters on Friday. 32 towns and more than 3,600 houses are under water. More than 2,000 people and hundreds of animals were brought to safety. Prokudin called on people to leave their flooded homes.

Photo gallery: Dam destroyed: Thousands of houses in Ukraine flooded

Dam destroyed: Thousands of houses in Ukraine flooded (Photo: STRINGER (AFP)) Bild 1/29

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National Security and Defense Council secretary Oleksiy Danilov compared the destruction of the dam to the “use of a tactical nuclear weapon” in view of the catastrophic consequences. On Ukrainian radio, he personally blamed Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin for the war crimes. “Such decisions are made only in the Kremlin and only by Putin,” said Danilov. The consequences for Russia are also catastrophic because the country will have to pay for the damage.

Ukraine accuses Russian troops of having mined the hydroelectric power station and then blown it up. The Ukrainian secret service SBU published on Friday an audio recording of a conversation in which a Russian soldier is said to have admitted the crime. A man can be heard saying that a Russian sabotage group was responsible for the attack. Whether the recording is genuine was not independently verifiable.

On the other hand, Russia claims that the dam was destroyed by Ukrainian shelling. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and shortly thereafter occupied large parts of the Cherson region.

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Kyiv/MOSCOW. The floods after the destruction of the Kachowka dam washed toxic substances over the farmers’ fields.


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