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We are not going to allow the Accusations Commission to steal the Impeachment of Petro

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We are not going to allow the Accusations Commission to steal the Impeachment of Petro

The last great event in Colombian reality is that the blindfold fell off the vast majority of Colombians. The delusion that Petro was the change collapsed. Nobody believes in that anymore. And they have now realized that Petro is not only not the change, but also represents a serious threat against our democracy and against our economy.

In the Civic Movement we start from three essential clarities:

The first, Petro has violated the Constitution and the Law.

Second, democracy and the economy cannot withstand three more years of the Petro government. With three more years of unbridled militianization, Petro will have time to consolidate his tyranny in neighborhoods and villages, just as Chávez consolidated his in Venezuela.

Third, to save democracy we have to remove Petro from the presidency; and we must do this exclusively by following the institutional path indicated by the Constitution. The path is the Political Trial of the President of the Republic for having violated the Constitution and the Law.

The Political Trial must be carried out in the Congress of the Republic, beginning its procedures in the House of Representatives, as established in the Constitution in articles 174, 175 numerals 2 to 4 and 178 numerals 3 and 4, which establish the competence of the House of Representatives to formulate accusations against the President of the Republic. At this point, several complaints have already been filed, beginning with the one filed by Dr. José Manuel Abuchaibe, an expert lawyer in electoral matters, in which he provides documentary evidence that supports that Petro and his presidential campaign violated the spending ceilings established by the law, which is why he and the vice president must be removed from their positions and must finally be judged by the Supreme Court of Justice.

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Today, these complaints are already in the hands of the Commission on Accusations of the House of Representatives and said Commission is under the constitutional obligation to open the respective investigations. I clarify even more: it is not that the citizens are asking the favor of the honorable representatives to open the investigations. What the citizens are telling them is that they are under a constitutional obligation to do so, which is why we are telling them that we are demanding that they open investigations against President Petro for having violated the Constitution and the Law.

But beware, Colombians know that there are very serious levels of corruption in the Congress of the Republic. We know that there are representatives and senators who sell their votes for government jobs and contracts. We have seen them sell themselves out for plates of jammy lentils, we have seen them betray the Constitution and their constituents.

That is why we are calling on the citizens to promote the great civic movement to prevent the representatives of the Accusations Commission from going to sell the Impeachment. We cannot allow the corruption of some representatives to the Chamber to hijack the constitutional tool that Colombians have to save democracy peacefully. We cannot allow them to trade us.

Petro violated the Constitution and the Law and must be tried. That’s fair. We will not allow it to destroy democracy.

We will carry out all the mobilizations and civic actions that are necessary to prevent them from selling us as people and robbing us as a democracy.

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In the Civic Movement the main slogan is:

Peaceful Yes, Pendejos No!

P.S. If you want to know more about our approach, we are waiting for you at cívic@s live next Tuesday, June 27 at 8:00 pm. Enter to movcivico.com and there you will find the link.

We are not going to allow the Accusations Commission to steal the Impeachment of Petro


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