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Weddings among books: now it’s possible in Sedico. The “yes” to the new cultural center

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The building that houses the library becomes the civil registry office. Mayor Deon: “Ceremonies finally in a more beautiful and welcoming place”

If I say. In Sedico you can get married even among books, or almost. With a resolution, the council of Sedico has in fact a separate office for the celebration of civil marriages in the conference room of the new cultural center of Sedico (created thanks to a huge contribution from Luxottica) which for some weeks has also housed the civic library.

“With a view to moving all the activities to the new cultural center” explains the mayor, Stefano Deon, “we have also chosen to move the headquarters there to celebrate civil weddings which, now, can take place in a more beautiful and welcoming place: it was it is already possible to celebrate a civil wedding in the conference room of Palazzo dei Servizi. But, to tell the truth, not many weddings have been celebrated in the hall of Palazzo dei Servizi, at least in recent years. Who knows, however, that a more welcoming venue, like this one, might not be even more attractive ».

After having been the home of associations, the former hotel school of Sedico thus now also becomes a venue for weddings and civil unions.

“The significant renovation and expansion of the building where the hotel school was located”, notes the municipal council, “have led to the creation of a cultural center in which there is a conference room that is well suited to the celebration of civil marriages “.

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At the cultural center you can get married from Monday to Saturday during office hours. It will also be possible to get married on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, exclusively in the last two weeks of April and in the first two weeks of May, in the last two of September and in the first two of October. The rates are 150 euros for residents (225 if the wedding will be celebrated on Saturday or Sunday) and 300 euros (375 at the weekend) for non-residents.

«Civil marriages», adds the mayor of Sedico, Deon, «are very frequent in our municipality. I celebrated one just yesterday, for example. Now there are five places available in the municipality of Sedico for civil weddings: you can get married in the town hall, in the mayor’s office or in the council hall, at Villa Patt, at Villa Miari in Cugnach and now, finally, also in the new center cultural”.

In recent years Sedico had already characterized itself as a “wedding town” by hosting on several occasions, at Villa Patt, an evocative wedding fair in which interested parties were able to collect ideas and news for the most important day of their lives, getting to know , directly from the exhibitors of the sector, everything that can be used in view of a slap-up wedding. And whether they are religious or civil, Sedico is now confirmed as the land of marriages.


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