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What happened to Julieth Restrepo after ‘A Mano Fácil’?

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What happened to Julieth Restrepo after ‘A Mano Fácil’?

The characters that marked the career of Julieth Restrepo

The Colombian has been recognized for interpreting national productions such as ‘With a clean hand’, a novel that told the story of a young man from the neighborhood and his context, who falls in love with a wealthy teacher. In the background of this narrative, hundreds of experiences occur that reflect the differences that are embedded in society.

That is why, at first, the actress spoke about how this production, along with many others, marked her life, as well as her jump from living in Medellín to going to Los Angeles.

“There have been many leaps. The jump from Medellín to Bogotá at the age of 17, when I was finishing my career,” said Restrepo, emphasizing that he began his debut in the world of acting very young, and how he has grown from there. study, dedication and awareness that there are many ways to reach the peak of success.

“I want to be prepared for when the opportunity comes,” said the ‘Griselda’ actress.

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Furthermore, Restrepo highlighted; “My need to come to Los Angeles came from the impulse of wanting to challenge myself and play different characters. One day I was ‘Laura La Santa Colombiana’; another day I was a prostitute in ‘La Semilla del Silencio; another day I was a rich psychologist in ‘A Hand Clean’ (…) and then I ended up being part of ‘Griselda’ as Martha Ochoa in a role that I didn’t expect.”

Finally, the Colombian spoke about how she perceives the public’s criticism and said she wanted to stay away from public scandals.

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“If they are going to talk about me, let it be about something that impacts them about my work or the characters I have done,” said the Paisa actress, confessing that her greatest goal is “Chart my path with discipline.”

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