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When is the next big snowfall of the season expected in the United States? – USA – International

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When is the next big snowfall of the season expected in the United States?  – USA – International

Winter Weather Alert: Heavy Snowfall and Storms Expected in the United States

The United States National Weather Service (NWS) has issued alerts about current weather conditions in the country, warning residents in several states to be prepared for winter storms and heavy snowfall. According to the NWS, states including Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are expected to face severe weather conditions. The Midwest is also set to experience dangerous winter conditions in the coming weekend.

As cold air moves up from the Rocky Mountains and Canada, residents in the Midwest and into the Great Lakes, particularly in cities like Chicago and Detroit, have been advised to prepare for the possibility of dangerous winter weather this weekend. Climatologists have commented that the path of the storm will determine whether it brings rain or snow, with strong gusts of wind also expected to impact travel.

AccuWeather specialists have warned that dry conditions across most of the central and eastern United States this week could potentially lead to a highly dangerous storm. Residents from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast and the East have been advised to closely monitor weather reports and prepare for a rapidly intensifying storm.

The storm is expected to develop from a collision of cold air from the Rocky Mountains and Northern Plains with warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, potentially impacting a wide range of areas, including the southern plains, the middle Mississippi River Valley, and the Ohio Valley. The rainfall from the storm is anticipated to bring relief to the Mississippi River and its tributaries from drought conditions.

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This winter weather alert comes as a reminder of the extreme snowfall events that have affected the United States in the past. The last major snowstorm, known as ‘Snowzilla’, struck in December 2016, impacting more than 85 million people and resulting in emergency declarations in 11 states, cancellations of thousands of flights, and multiple traffic jams.

As the winter season intensifies across the United States, authorities are urging people to stay informed about the weather conditions and exercise caution, especially if they have travel plans, in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Residents in the affected areas are encouraged to take necessary precautions and prepare for the upcoming winter storm.

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