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Who is the Colombian artist living a nightmare in the US?

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Who is the Colombian artist living a nightmare in the US?

A Colombian artist who lives in USA For some time, he denounced through his social networks a difficult situation for which he could go to prison in a foreign country. It is about an urban music singer called Luis Angel Rengifo Vegabetter known by the stage name of Engell Melody.

According to the video shared on Melody’s social networks, she had to leave her native country because of the death threats she received from The Rastrojos, criminal band. And that after being there for about a year he was facing a nightmare.

Engell explained that after an altercation on a public road near the Time Square with a foreigner after he attacked his partner:

“Public complaint. A Russian man hits my partner with a table and a chair, and the 360 ​​machine breaks him, the police were called, they arrived and did nothing, the police left a few minutes later… seeing her aggression against me to defend her with some friends, We called the police 911 again and asked for an ambulance for her and this lieutenant only wanted to listen to the Russian’s version and see on his cameras only the piece when I pushed him so that he would not continue hitting him, but he did not want to see when he He attacks first, he doesn’t care about me ”, the barranquillero told.

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Likewise, the man revealed that in addition to the attack, he had lost several of his personal belongings, including his cell phones, as well as a machine valued at $2,700 that was damaged during the altercation.

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The Colombian mentioned that the Police had treated him and his companions differently just because they were Latinos, while the Russian citizen did not have to go through the same thing they experienced: “The four of us together with her ended 17 hours in prison and reviewed,” revealed.

Finally, he reported that his partner had suffered harassment during the arrest by the uniformed officers, for which he asked all his contacts for help to replicate the case and seek support:

“All the evidence is ready to be presented before the court, God is great and no one can be against his power. For me this is xenophobia and very discriminatory, ”Engell concluded by saying on her Instagram account.

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