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Why is Nanchang’s Spring Festival cultural tourism market so hot after receiving 8.7123 million tourists? – China News Service

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Nanchang’s Spring Festival Cultural Tourism Market is Red Hot! What’s the Secret Behind the Success?

By Lu Mengmeng

The Nanchang Spring Festival cultural tourism market has been on fire, attracting a whopping 8.7123 million tourists during the holiday season. With a comprehensive tourism revenue of 7.965 billion yuan, Nanchang has experienced a significant increase in both tourists and revenue compared to the previous year.

Nanchang was ranked eighth in popularity among cities in the 2024 Spring Festival Tourism Big Data Report, released by the travel and entertainment community “Mafengwo.” Additionally, Tencent location big data shows that Nanchang Shengli Road Pedestrian Street topped the list of popular domestic commercial streets. This surge in popularity has left many wondering what has drawn so many visitors to Nanchang during the Spring Festival.

The answer lies in the new urban cultural tourism IP image “Wang Wanjin,” which has become a magnet for tourists seeking unique experiences. “Wang Wanjin” was featured as a mysterious figure waiting to be discovered in Nanchang during the Spring Festival, sparking curiosity and excitement among tourists.

Intrigued by the prospect of an exciting adventure, tourists have flocked to Nanchang to search for “Wang Wanjin” and explore the city. Many have enjoyed participating in various activities, such as the “Fish Leaping over the Dragon Gate” wish wall and a blessing ceremony, enhancing their experience of Nanchang’s rich history and culture.

The success of “Wang Wanjin” lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with the historical allusions and folklore of Yuzhang, creating a sense of tradition and nostalgia while offering a contemporary and engaging experience for tourists. By leveraging the city’s cultural assets, Nanchang has created a unique and compelling narrative for visitors, drawing them in with its rich history and vibrant cultural offerings.

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To enrich the experience of tourists, Nanchang has also taken steps to reduce toll areas, provide exclusive custom-made gifts, and offer traditional local cuisine, further enhancing the human touch and personal connection felt by visitors.

As the first urban cultural tourism IP image, “Wang Wanjin” has proven to be a significant draw for tourists, effectively highlighting Nanchang’s unique charm and cultural heritage. Its success underscores the city’s commitment to fostering a rich and immersive cultural tourism experience for visitors.

With a focus on preserving traditional history and culture, Nanchang aims to continue developing “Wang Wanjin” as a symbol of its cultural tourism, showcasing the city’s vibrant heritage and paving the way for a bright future in cultural tourism.

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