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Why Putin would prefer to see Biden win the American elections, and that is remarkable

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A victory for Joe Biden in the US presidential elections later this year would be the best outcome for Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin said this in a television interview, excerpts of which the Kremlin published on Wednesday.

Asked whether a victory for current Democratic President Joe Biden or previous Republican President Donald Trump would be best for Russia, Putin responded with Biden. “He has more experience. He is predictable, a politician of the old school,” said the Russian head of state. He emphasized that Moscow “will work with any American leader in whom the American people have confidence.”


Putin, ten years his junior, did not want to get involved in the debate about the age of 81-year-old Biden. “When I met Biden in Switzerland, three years ago, there was already talk about his unsuitability, but I didn’t notice anything,” Putin said. “What we have to look at is the political position, and the position of the current American administration is extremely harmful and wrong,” the Russian said.


Putin’s choice of Biden is somewhat remarkable. Trump prides himself on his alleged good relations with the Russian president and has regularly been criticized for playing into Moscow’s hands. Last weekend, Trump caused a stir by saying that Russia should be allowed to “do whatever it wants” with member states that do not contribute sufficiently to the NATO defense alliance.

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