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With a new format and design, the new electricity bill will arrive starting in March – news

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With a new format and design, the new electricity bill will arrive starting in March – news

According to the Western Energy Company (CEO), the receipt, which will be environmentally friendly, is renewed for 38 municipalities in Cauca.

A big change will occur in the physical bill for the electric energy service, which starting next March will reach users in Cauca with a new design, its information will be clearer, more practical and easier to read. That is, the “fine print” will be left behind.

The Company maintains that, understanding the customer of the electric energy service as the fundamental axis of its actions, it began a thorough market study in which it identified the main needs of its users compared to the old service bill. This study resulted in the need to improve the characteristics of the invoice and facilitate access to information.

Jaime Vargas, commercial manager of CEO, indicated: “The new invoice was born from a joint construction with our clients and other stakeholders, evaluating and understanding their needs. As a result, we obtained a diagnosis in which several opportunities were identified to improve the invoice, not only in design and practicality, but also focused on the most important point, which was to facilitate its reading and understanding. For this, we work from three fundamental axes: Ease of understanding, more information and innovation.”

The Company’s new invoice will have the following updates:

Ease of understanding: Friendly design, new icons, font size change. More information: Independent segments with summarized and detailed information that facilitate the understanding of charges and concepts, a new space for Brilla products and services. Innovation: Inclusion of pedagogical material (educational material on efficient energy use) through QR codes that connect the physical invoice with the digital world.

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CEO, stated that, in accordance with the billing and distribution cycles, the new bill will reach all Caucano homes distributed in the 38 municipalities of the department starting in March 2024, among which two different bill models stand out, one “traditional” in the municipality of Popayán and another “on site” for the other municipalities of the Department.

This bill will be left behind.

The new invoice will be environmentally friendly, as it will use water-based and biodegradable inks, as well as paper obtained from forest plantations to avoid the indiscriminate felling of trees, a measure with which it is expected to reduce the carbon footprint in the department of the Cauca and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

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