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Work: since 2018 in Fvg there are many more employed – Friuli VG

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Work: since 2018 in Fvg there are many more employed – Friuli VG

Rosolen, the unemployed and the inactive are down

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, MARCH 21 – In Fvg since 2018 employed people have grown at record rates and the number of unemployed and inactive people has dropped significantly. Numbers that for the Councilor for Labour, training, education, research, university and family Alessia Rosolen are the testimony of the effectiveness of the policies implemented in recent years by the Region: training, active labor policies, accompaniment of social safety net recipients , incentives for hiring and stabilization, conciliation.

Rosolen herself said it during the session of the Regional Labor Commission. According to Istat, employed people went from 507,130 in 2018 to 520,517 in 2022 (+2% in the last two years). At the same time, the unemployed decreased (from 36,125 in 2018 to 29,135 in 2022; -5.3%) and the inactive (in 2018 they were 215,440, in 2022 they were 202,718).

The employment rate – one of the best in Italy and definitely the best in the north-east – was 69.5% in 2022 (66.2% in 2018), the unemployment rate was 5.4% (6.8% in 2018 ) and finally that of the inactive by 27.6% (28.9% in 2018).

Rosolen spoke of a carryover effect between employment, unemployment and inactivity. The high demand for work, as you explained, is positively influencing the supply of new jobs in terms of a parallel decrease in both unemployment and inactivity.

Other relevant data are the female employment rate (61.9%) and the decrease in the gender gap (13.1) especially in the age group between 35 and 49, the one most interested in conciliation services.

The trend of permanent employment is particularly interesting; in 2018, 328,604 people could claim this type of contract, in 2022 the number was 357,378.

In short, in Fvg, concluded Rosolen, there is “an increase in stable work, which already started at the end of 2021, in direct permanent hires and stabilizations which increased by 54.4% compared to the previous 12 months”.


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