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works on Ruta del Sol 3 will begin

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works on Ruta del Sol 3 will begin

Since March 2023, the works on Ruta del Sol 3 in the Caracolí sector, a district of the municipality of Valledupar, were paralyzed because a large part of the inhabitants were opposed to the execution continuing without the inclusion of a pedestrian bridge that would connect them with the other side of town.

Other requests were the expansion of the culvert box that is located in front of the town’s soccer field (which will also be adequate) and the construction of wildlife crossings (mainly for monkeys). 10 months later, in January 2024, the citizens reached an agreement with the YUMA Concessionaire and the construction company Ariguaní.

Lea: Caracolí: Ruta del Sol would not advance until the ANI responds about the construction of a pedestrian bridge


“The pedestrian bridge no longer works, it was agreed with 80 people that we attended a meeting and saw that it was not necessary. So we agreed to make some stops at the intersection and lighting from there to the culvert box, which they are going to extend one more meter and roll it 60 meters, in front of the cemetery,” explained Matilde Freyle, vice president of the Eusebio Ayala Community Council.

The box culvert will be expanded and relocated. /PHOTO: GOOGLE EARTH.

As things stand, the box culvert will go from 3 to 4 meters wide, the structure will allow the underground passage of water, small vehicles and pedestrians in that section (which remains to be completed) of the road that leads from Bosconia to Valledupar.

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Lea: Works on Ruta del Sol 3 remain stopped in Caracolí (Valledupar)


“The community agreed that the work should begin, it should be from mid-March. The only thing left pending was the monkey pass,” added Freyle.

“I wanted the community to decide, not us as the Council, but the community itself,” said Matilde Freyle, vice president of the Afro-descendant Council of Caracolí. /PHOTO: JOAQUÍN RAMÍREZ.

This publishing house managed to confirm the agreement between the parties, although a source assured that they still do not have an exact start date for the works. It is necessary to remember that Ruta del Sol 3 goes from San Roque, Cesar, to Ye de Ciénaga, Magdalena, and from El Carmen de Bolívar to Valledupar.

By Andrea Guerra Peña / EL PILÓN.

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