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Xi’an: Ready for “Three Summers” Agricultural Mechanization Production

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Xi’an: Ready for “Three Summers” Agricultural Mechanization Production

Xi’an: Ready for “Three Summers” Agricultural Mechanization Production

2022-05-25 18:39:17Source: Xi’an News Network

“Spring arrives at Xiaoman day and night.” As soon as Xiaoman passes, Xi’an will usher in the wheat harvest season. This year, more than 70,000 sets (pieces) of various types of agricultural machinery have been put into the “Three Summers” operation in Xi’an, including 3,500 wheat combine harvesters, ensuring that the level of wheat machine harvesting and corn machine planting reaches about 99%, and wheat straw The mechanized utilization reaches more than 95%, and the mechanized tillage realizes all the tillage, so that the summer harvest and the summer sowing can be carried out simultaneously.

The picture shows the annual technical inspection site of agricultural machinery in Yanliang District.

In order to win the tough battle of “three summers” agricultural mechanization production, Xi’an agricultural machinery department has strengthened the sense of responsibility and mission, and has made careful arrangements to ensure the “three summers” agricultural mechanization production as the top task. Supervision and technology promotion agencies perform their own functions and work mechanisms, with the goal of firmly keeping the bottom line of food security, and actively prepare from four aspects: technical training, safety supervision, material reserves and organizational leadership, and make every effort to do “Three Summers” Agricultural Mechanization Production preparations.


The picture shows the inspection of the safety performance of agricultural machinery by supervisors.

Training first, technology leading. New technologies and new equipment are the key support for agricultural mechanization production. In order to speed up the application of new technologies and new equipment such as machine harvesting and loss reduction, plant protection and flying prevention, starting from spring, the municipal agricultural machinery station has adopted the “agricultural machinery cloud classroom” + field classroom + agricultural machinery cooperatives online and offline linkage method to carry out 25 agricultural machinery training sessions, of which , to overcome the impact of the epidemic and conduct offline training for more than 700 people, and train more than 30,000 people through cloud classrooms and short videos. At the same time, in order to fully implement the major deployment made by the central province to keep the bottom line of food security, the municipal agricultural machinery department firmly established the concept of “loss is to increase production”, launched the theme month activity of “Wheat Machine Harvest and Loss”, and tightened the responsibilities of compaction work. Implement detailed measures, set up 100 demonstration monitoring points for machine harvesting loss reduction in the city, vigorously publicize and implement the “Technical Guidance for Wheat Mechanized Machine Harvesting Loss Reduction” and operation quality standards, carry out a competition for wheat machine harvesting loss reduction, and create a “machine operator” in the city. The grain harvesting system of hard training of skills, the masses cherishing food, and the common support of the society detracts from the good atmosphere.


The picture shows the agricultural machinery technical expert imparting the technical experience of harvest reduction.

Source governance to ensure safety. Earn gold and silver, and the safety of agricultural machinery is the backbone. In order to strengthen the safety supervision of agricultural machinery, since April, the agricultural machinery departments of the city have conscientiously implemented the “quartet responsibilities” such as departmental supervision responsibilities, industry management responsibilities, territorial supervision responsibilities, and production main responsibilities, and actively promoted the deployment of safety assistants for operating agricultural machinery. The “double-member” configuration of inspectors consolidates safety supervision responsibilities. Strengthen the source management of agricultural machinery, carry out the “door-to-door inspection” activity, and ensure that the agricultural machinery participating in the “three summers” operation “has a license plate, a person has a certificate, and must be inspected”. At the same time, we will carry out large-scale investigation and rectification activities for hidden dangers of agricultural machinery, carry out in-depth publicity and education on safety production, instruct operators to do a comprehensive “physical examination” of agricultural machinery, and resolutely prevent agricultural machinery from operating with diseases. As of mid-May, the city has completed the inspection of nearly 10,000 agricultural machinery, distributed more than 10,000 copies of agricultural machinery safety publicity materials, newly registered nearly 1,000 agricultural machinery, and carried out nearly 100 agricultural machinery safety production inspections to escort the safe production of agricultural machinery in the “Three Summers”. .

Overall coordination and precise service. The city has set up 52 cross-regional operation maintenance and spare parts supply points, mobilized agricultural machinery distribution, maintenance and other service organizations to reserve materials as soon as possible to ensure the “three summer” agricultural machinery maintenance and spare parts supply. At the same time, organize agricultural machinery technical forces to enter the village and join the community to provide technical consultation and door-to-door service for farmers to ensure that the operating machinery and tools are put into the “three summers” operation in good condition. Set up 42 “hands-off stations” for cross-regional operation of agricultural machinery in major transportation hubs to provide farmers with intimate services such as operation information, traffic guidance, and simple medical care to ensure smooth passage of cross-regional operating machines. At the same time, information services were strengthened, and information services such as weather warning, operation demand, oil supply and other information services were provided to agricultural machinery operators free of charge by using mobile phone text messages, the agricultural machinery through train APP platform, and agricultural machinery WeChat groups, so as to guide the rational flow of operating machinery in a timely manner, and promote the smooth development of rush harvesting and rushing seeds.

Optimize organization and scientific scheduling. In order to organize and mobilize all “Sanxia” production machinery and go all out to rush to harvest and rush sowing operations, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau established the “Sanxia” Agricultural Machinery Operation Headquarters, and issued the “Notice of “Sanxia” Agricultural Mechanization Production in 2022″ , the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Station held the city’s agricultural machinery dispatching work meeting to make a comprehensive deployment of the city’s agricultural machinery production work. Prepare the “Emergency Plan” to refine emergency measures, implement work responsibilities, and improve emergency response capabilities in response to emergencies such as extreme weather and epidemic prevention and control that may occur during the “Three Summers”; The agricultural machinery technical service team was established at the same level to go deep into the production line, to guide the agricultural machinery operations in the city’s “three summers”, to implement information consulting services to the fields, technical guidance to the fields, supplies of materials and accessories to the fields, to resolve conflicts and disputes to the fields, and safety production inspections to the field Tian’s “Five to Tian” service. At the same time, strengthen the scheduling of machinery and tools, give full play to the role of agricultural machinery cooperatives and associations, find out the basic number and supply and demand of local machinery and tools, and implement the supply and demand of machinery and tools to each piece of land, and implement “daily scheduling” for the progress of summer harvest and summer planting to ensure the return of summer grain particles. In the warehouse, the autumn grains are planted in the high-yielding period.

Text/Photo by Luo Yan, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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