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Zhang Yingchun Urges Firm Bottom-line Thinking to Win the Battle Against Forest Fires in Autumn and Winter

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Zhang Yingchun Emphasizes Importance of Forest Fire Prevention and Extinguishing at Conference

September 21 – The province of Hunan held a video and telephone conference regarding forest fire prevention and extinguishing in autumn and winter. Zhang Yingchun, Vice Governor and member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Zhang Yingchun highlighted the lessons learned from the frequent forest fires in 2022 and emphasized the importance of advance prevention, solid foundation, and scientific rescue. These measures have led to minimal forest fire losses and ensured the safety of people’s lives, property, and ecological security.

Despite the progress made, Zhang Yingchun stressed that the situation for forest fire prevention and extinguishing in the province is still severe and complex. In order to effectively combat forest fires, she emphasized the need to establish a firm bottom-line thinking and focus on key links. The work policy of “prevention first, active eradication, life first, safety first” should be adhered to, and prevention and response measures should be scientifically prepared.

To strengthen civil defense, the “one leader and four members” system should be fully utilized to eliminate all forest fire dangers. Additionally, efforts should be made to improve physical defense infrastructure and establish a three-dimensional monitoring network. This includes air, ground, and network monitoring to effectively detect and respond to forest fires.

Zhang Yingchun also emphasized the importance of a “631” fire monitoring and early warning mechanism. This mechanism will focus on key targets, facilities, areas, parts, and groups to carry out systematic investigations and promote the “clean roads, clean lines, clean rooms” action. Furthermore, training for cadres should be completed before the upcoming festivals to ensure full coverage and preparedness.

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In terms of fire fighting and rescue, Zhang Yingchun called for adherence to scientific, safe, and efficient methods. The goal is to achieve early, small, and effective fire fighting. Strict supervision and assessment of all levels should be implemented to reinforce responsibilities and ensure a successful “turnaround battle” in forest fire prevention and extinguishing.

The conference served as an important platform for officials and experts to discuss strategies and share experiences in forest fire prevention and extinguishing. With the collective effort and commitment of all stakeholders, the province of Hunan aims to minimize forest fire risks and safeguard the environment for a sustainable future.

Source: Hunan Daily
Author: Meng Jiaoyan
Editor: Liu Liangjun

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