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Zulnurain Nasr al-Din, the lawyer, writes: Reviews of the Popular Conference

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Zulnurain Nasr al-Din, the lawyer, writes: Reviews of the Popular Conference

Sudanese Net:

▪️ After the death of the founder, Dr. Hassan Abdullah Al-Turabi, a dispute broke out within the cabin of the Popular Congress Party between the General Secretariat and the Shura Council. Opinions differed regarding the party’s line according to the political variables and the governance of the statute and the Shura institutions. The Shura Council adhered to the governing principles and the spirit of the constitution, while the General Secretariat exceeded that, which struck the party with internal conflicts. for a long period of time

In a surprising step, the General Secretariat of the party took a decision to dismiss (14) of the party’s cadres, including the founding leaders of the organization and state secretaries, bypassing the basic system that stipulates that representatives and secretaries are authorized by the Shura Council. The factional sectors were also appointed in violation, and dismissal decisions are not within the jurisdiction of the General Secretariat.

The General Secretariat based its rationale on supporting the dismissed to correct the course on October 25, 2021. This did not happen. Rather, the dismissed demanded that the matter be returned to the Shura institutions to take the ruling decision. Also, everyone who attended the Arquette Conference for Internal National Forces was dismissed, as well as everyone who participated in the war and of course supported the armed forces while they stood. The General Secretariat is neutral and at the same time ratified the constitution of lawyers imported from abroad with the recognition of their members and the signing of the framework agreement.

The General Secretariat also clearly and publicly violated the party’s constitution in many of its articles

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In recognition of all these mistakes, the party’s Shura Council held its two-thirds conference. The conference discussed the measures taken by the General Secretariat, and after reviewing the party’s constitution, all decisions issued by the General Secretariat were nullified, and Dr. Amin Mahmoud was nominated as Secretary-General of the People’s Conference. The Shura Council explained that one of the reasons for those decisions was The General Secretariat’s departure from the controls and principles of the party’s statute, including its coalition with Qaht and Rapid Support, and their signing of the framework agreement, which contains many contradictions to the party’s principles, orientations, and national and Islamic foundations.

After assigning Dr. Amin Mahmoud, the new Secretary-General appointed by the Shura Council, it can be said that the Popular Congress will return strongly to the side of the broad national movement and the popular resistance, and this was an expected step from Dr. Amin began his first visit to the theaters of military operations in Khartoum and his meeting with the Assistant Commander-in-Chief, General Yasser Al-Atta, then the Governor of Khartoum, and his meeting with the steadfast citizens of Khartoum State. Everyone expects that the political arena will witness radical changes after the unfreezing that affected the capabilities and legacy of the party and the identification with the shameless people through the General Secretariat, and this is of course. There is no resemblance to the biography, path and principles of a national and Islamic party with a great national history in Sudan. The battlefields will witness rapid changes after the members of the party engage in an organized manner in the fighting. They are the fiercest and most knowledgeable of the secrets of wars and the international conflict to colonize peoples and steal resources. Congratulations to the nation to the wise men of the national and Islamic movement after the people regretted and became afraid. On the legacy, wisdom, and struggles of (Sheikh Hassan).

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