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175 Basketball League: Grassroots Phenomenon Takes Center Stage in Guilin for National Finals

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A Grassroots Basketball Game with Players Under 1.75 Meters Begins National Finals in Guilin

On October 14th, the 2023 “Lijiang” Cup 175 Basketball League National Finals commenced in Guilin, originating from a grassroots basketball game in the city known for its scenic beauty. The average height of the players participating in this league is less than 1.75 meters, making it a unique and intriguing competition.

With 12 teams from various parts of the country, including Chongqing, Guizhou, and Yantai, Shandong, the teams were divided into four groups to compete in a round-robin format. The top two teams from each group will advance based on the upper and lower halves until the top four teams are determined. The final match to determine the league champion will take place on October 18.

The “175 Basketball League” was first launched in Guilin in 2016 and quickly gained popularity within the basketball community. The league has specific height restrictions for its players, with the average height of team members staying within 1.75 meters and the tallest player not exceeding 1.83 meters. The league focuses on innovative gameplay that highlights unique and high-quality events, emphasizing on being “small, fast, smart, and accurate”. This concept has resonated with players and fans, contributing to the league’s success.

The league’s opening match took place that evening between Guilin Blue Lotus Basketball Club and Guilin Jinmao Center. The players showcased their skills with impeccable dribbling, passing, and layups. They displayed their speed and power through steals, counterattacks, and efficient breakthroughs. The scores fluctuated throughout the game, creating an intense and thrilling atmosphere. The audience outside the court cheered and applauded in awe of the players’ excellent skills and seamless teamwork.

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Ultimately, the Blue Lotus team emerged victorious in a captivating match against Guilin Jinmao Center, with a final score of 82:66. The team’s impressive performance, coupled with the ecstatic cheering from the audience, propelled their momentum and secured them the first win in the tournament.

The 2023 “Lijiang” Cup 175 Basketball League National Finals promises to be a compelling display of talent, teamwork, and intense competition. Fans across the country eagerly await the upcoming matches to witness which team will ultimately be crowned as the league champion.

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