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2023 China Tennis Tour CTA1000·Infinite·Guangzhou Huangpu Station: First Round Results and Upsets

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The first round of the men’s and women’s singles at the 2023 China Tour CTA1000 Guangzhou Huangpu Station ended

China News Service, Guangzhou, November 15th (Reporter Wang Jian) ​​The 2023 China Tennis Tour CTA1000·Infinite·Guangzhou Huangpu Station·Badiri·Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Tennis Open concluded the second day of the main draw on the 14th. The first round of men’s and women’s singles concluded, and some first-round matches of doubles also concluded on the same day.

In men’s singles, the former second seeds Li Zhe and Wang Aoran both defeated their opponents strongly on the center court and both got a good start. No. 3 seed Wang Chukang lost only one game and swept qualifier Tang Xiaochuan 6-0/6-1. No. 12 seed and Guangdong player He Ziheng defeated Ji Yutian 6-1/6-3. Two seed players, Duan Hao and Yang Xiaoyin, also passed the first round smoothly.

The women’s singles competition was a good one. The 17-year-old Guangdong player Song Fanshi, who appeared on the center court, lost to Zheng Yilin 6-0/3-6/7-10. Beijing team player Cao Yajing narrowly defeated No. 16 seed Aitiyagul Aisirefu with a 2-6/6-3/10-8 comeback. This year’s CTA800 Zhengzhou double champion Zhou Yehua easily defeated Sun Junlu 6-0/6-1. This year’s CTA1000 Shijiazhuang women’s singles champion Nima Zhuoma swept Lin Yulast 6-0/6-0.

The doubles competition was also exciting. The top two men’s doubles seeds Terigele/Wang Aoran and Yu Bingyu/Zeng Yaojie won successively on the center court. No. 5 seeds Zheng Zhan/Gujin defeated Huang Jilong/Pan Yuchen 6-2/6-4. No. 7 seeds Wu Hao/Wang Chukang also defeated Zhao Bolin/Xie Xinyuan 6-2/6-4.

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In women’s doubles, No. 5 seeds Zheng Yizhen/Zhao Xichen defeated Nie Xiaochuan/Wang Jing 7-5/6-3. No. 7 seeds Ren Yufei/Yang Ziyi defeated Xu Jiayu/Cao Yajing 6-4. This year’s CTA1000 Changsha Wangcheng Station women’s doubles champion and No. 8 seeds Wang Yuping/He Jiaying suffered an upset and lost to Yang Jing/Chen Mengxuan 6-2/5-7/2-10 and stopped in the first round.

It is reported that the event is hosted by the Tennis Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, hosted by the Guangdong Tennis Association, Guangzhou Sports Bureau, etc., operated by Guangdong Yueqiuren Sports Co., Ltd., and sponsored by Infinite Food, Badirui, and Hong Kong Tennis The Federation and the Macau Tennis Federation support.

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