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A battle lost at the last second: now Gesteco can no longer make mistakes

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A battle lost at the last second: now Gesteco can no longer make mistakes

Cividale defeated by one point in Vigevano: he is 2-1 down, for Serie A2 he must win on Sunday and Wednesday at home

The victory of Ueb Gesteco Cividale fades only in the end. Vigevano relies on the very hot home factor and with a score of 64-62 he wins game 3 of the final play-off series of the Serie B championship, reaching 2 -1 in the series.
A good first half was not enough for Ueb to take off and now, with his back to the wall to continue dreaming of Serie A2 promotion, he will have to win at all costs tomorrow in Lombardy.
Coach Pillastrini starts with Chiera, Rota, Miani, Battistini and Mouaha, while coach Piazza responds with Peroni, Gatti, Ferri, Procacci and Giorgi. To unlock the board is Mouaha in penetration helped by Battistini and Rota from the bow: in a moment you go to 3-8. But Vigevano, as he has already shown, is good at returning and after a few actions he returns there. It goes back and forth, until the Ueb enthusiastically finds two consecutive triples thanks to Almansi and Paesano and manages to reach 14-18. The hosts return, Paesano puts in another bomb with 8 “from the end but Procacci on the edge of the siren blows everyone up closing the period at 20-21.
Upon returning to the field, the Battistini war machine pushes on the accelerator: with 7 consecutive points the eagles fly to 20-29. But woe to think that the inertia of the race is overturned because Vigevano does not give up an inch and with a super Gatti and Procacci’s triple we return point by point (30-31). The Ueb once again is good at not letting the hosts take over: so thanks to Battistini and Chiera another partial 6-0 (30-37) arrives.
Coach Piazza’s men, however, seem unstoppable and thanks also to two conclusions from the 3-point arc to the end of 24 ”they lead to the long interval at -2 (40-42). Captain Chiera and his team-mates did well in the first half of the match: but we also need to repeat ourselves in the last 20 ‘. Upon returning from the changing rooms Peroni immediately puts a bomb, but the ducals remain there with the usual response from Chiera (43 -47). So the ducals hold their own in the first half of the fourth but then Vigevano is hot from three points and with Gatti goes up to +7 (58-51). So a Chiera basket closes the fraction at 58 -53. In the last 10 ‘the Friulians have to give everything to try to take back the reins of a race that seems to slip away. Chiera immediately found a basket, but Procacci on the other side made no mistake from the arc (61-55). Then come out the heart and the ducal defense that allow the Cividalesi to return there in 4 ‘(60 -61). At that point, however, the opportunities to take home the victory all go up in smoke, postponing any ducal hope to game 4 which will be played on Sunday, again in Vigevano at 6pm.

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