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A full Bertram with high spirits in the Fortitudo lair

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After the success on the last day against Vanoli Cremona, who gave access to the final eight of the Italian Cup, Bertram Tortona goes to PalaDozza (duo at 19, directed on Discovery plus) against Fortitudo Kigili Bologna, fresh from the external success of Naples. In the first leg match played last December 5 (on the 10th day), Bertram triumphed with the score of 74-64, running away definitively in the second half dragged by Macura’s 24 points and Daum’s double-double of 14 points and 17 rebounds .

This was the only precedent between the two teams and the two coaches Marco Ramondino and Antimo Martino.

Recall that as in Serie A football, the second round schedule is staggered from that of the first leg, which is why the two teams are already facing each other. Tortona is fully booked. At Fortitudo, Matteo Fantinelli has been out since the end of last season after a surgery to clean the left Achilles tendon; while Stefano Mancinelli is recovering from some back problems.

17th day. Today: Brindisi-Virtus Bologna (17), Cremona-Venice (17.30), Trieste-Pesaro (18), Trento-Naples (18.30), Fortitudo Bologna-bertramtortona (19), Brescia-Sassari (8.45 pm), Reggio Emilia-Varese and Treviso-Milan postponed to a later date. laxification: Milan 26; Virtus Bologna 24; Trieste *, Trento *, Brescia, Tortona, Brindisi 16; Sassari, Venice, Reggio Emilia, Naples 14; Treviso *, Pesaro 12; Fortitudo Bologna 10; Varese *, Cremona 8. (* one game less). –

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