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A post denies Manzanese’s feat, in Trento the big match in Serie D ends without goals

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TRENTO. A matter of centimeters. On the close left of Nicoloso (well served by Fyda), at 18 ‘of the second half, the Manzanese dreamed for a moment of the bang in the home of the leaders, before the post spit out the ball that the home goalkeeper Cazzaro had only been able to follow with your eyes.

A goal that would have officially reopened the championship, but that was not the case. Trento, thanks to the stalemate in the recovery of the 13th matchday which confronted the first two of group C, maintained a six-point advantage over the Friulians: a point that counts as a victory for the Trentino Gialloneri, as confirmed by the local celebrations at the end of the meeting.

In the disappointment of the final result, however, Mr. Roberto Vecchiato (who presented himself both as a former player and as a former coach in Trento) can be satisfied because his team has not only held up to the leaders (really dangerous on only two occasions, with the parade of Dare on Ferri Marini in the first half and the goal disallowed for Aliu in the second half), she was also able to put him on the ropes. Especially from the end of the first fraction onwards, when an injury forced Zupperdoni to leave the field to make room for Nicoloso, who immediately entered the game and was able (due to his characteristics) to give more offensive weight to the maneuver.

A growth underlined at the end of the match also by the president of the orange, Filippo Fabbro, ready to promote his team for the attitude and the game shown «in a second half where the Manzanese tried harder. Too bad for that pole, it could have changed many things, not only today’s match, but the performance offered by the Manzanese is still another step forward in this project ».

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Some news in the initial deployment of chair makers with the technician Vecchiato who in the usual 4-3-1-2 advances Zupperdoni in midfield, Duca system as a defensive side on the right and raises the Ivorian Gnago in the center of the attack. In the opening bars, tactics and competition prevail, with the two teams mainly careful not to discover each other, also thanks to the mirror modules. Trento, however, finds greater thrust on the right and on 18 ‘builds the clearest opportunity for the first fraction: Da Re sends back badly with his feet, Gatto immediately finds the verticalization for Ferri Marini who enters the area and shoots the left, but the goalkeeper orange remedies by closing the mirror on the door.

The Manzanese begins to shake off the tension of the match that can be worth a season and at 20 ‘replies: on the developments of a corner kick Gnago collects the ball in the area and concludes with a left, touching the post. Trento is dangerous again in the 25th minute with Pillar who splinters the pole with a poisonous diagonal from 20 meters.

For Mr. Vecchiato, however, the first real problem arrives at 29 ‘, when he is forced to give up dynamism in the middle of the field of Zupperdoni who, bruised, gives way to Nicoloso: however, the form does not change, with the attacker who is suitable (immediately and well) to the role of mezzala. The oranges take courage, they immediately manage to raise the center of gravity and take possession of the median, where Nchama towers over and at 39 ‘Fyda tries, but his right-footed free kick from a tight angle is easy prey for Cazzaro. Trento loses meters and safety and at 42 ‘, following a rebound, Nicoloso shoots his left without fail, finding however the opposition of Dionisi. At the end of the fraction the nervousness also rises, with Boscolo Papo and Aliu warned for mutual misconduct.

A crash intervention by the defender Federico Bevilacqua

In the second half, Trento shows up with Galazzini in place of the bruised Bran in the role of right-back, but the game is livened up above all thanks to a Manzanese who, thanks to the securities given in defense by a Felipe author of two covers to take off his hat , commands the game for a long time (across the board the contribution under construction by Moras) and forces Trento to cover themselves to restart on the counterattack, with the Trentino technician Parlato running for cover by inserting a defender (Ronchi) for an attacker (Ferri Martini ), moving to a more cautious 3-5-2.

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After a high shot by Aliu in the 17 ‘, however, the chairmen immediately reply, with the action that in the 18’ could give a different script to the game and to the championship: Moras triggers a rebound on the trocar, Fyda believes in it and on the right finds the bottom, serving in the center for the rushing Nicoloso who anticipates the defenders and with a left flat overcomes Cazzaro, with the ball that is however spat back into the field by the pole.

The action ended by Nicoloso’s left that is printed on the pole

Trento tries to break the pressure of the Manzanese with a restart by Galazzini in the 22nd minute: ball to Caporali that shoots to the stars. Trento also scored in the 28th minute with Aliu, still well served by Galazzini, but the goal was canceled for offside.

The Manzanese does not break down and returns to press, but the fort of Trento (well defended by the two power plants Trainotti and Dionisi) holds up. Nchama tries in the 44th minute, but his shot is too weak to worry Cazzaro. The last thrill in the 48th minute with Moras who frees himself well on the trocar but once at the limit ends badly.

Sore point in the final for the Manzanese, with Nchama who leaves the field limping for a muscular problem to be evaluated.

Midfielder Nchama gets help from a teammate after a muscle injury

TRENTO               0


TRENTO (3-4-2-1) Cazzaro 6, Contessa 6 (38’st Tinazzi sv), Trainotti 7, Caporali 6, Belcastro 6 (29’st Osuji sv), Aliu 6.5, Bran 6 (1’st Galazzini 6.5), Gatto 6, Dionisi 6.5, Pilastro 6.5 (25’st Sanctuaries 5.5), Ferri Marini 6 (15’st Ronchi 6). All. Spoken 6.

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APPLE (4-3-1-2) Da Re 6, Duca 6, Felipe 7, Bevilacqua 6.5, Cecchini 6.5, Zupperdoni 6 (26’pt Nicoloso 7), Boscolo Papo 6 (12’st Casella 6), Nchama 7, Moras 7, Gnago 6.5, Fyda 6 (33 ‘st Ribbons sv). Annex Vecchiato 6.5.

Referee Restaldo of Ivrea 6.

Note 0 ‘and 3’ recoveries. Bookings: Boscolo Papo, Aliu, Bevilacqua, Gatto.


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