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A Sunday for Gigi The condolences of the ball for the death of D’Incà

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The funeral of Pierluigi D’Incà, the historic founder of the Lega Amatori, will be held on Tuesday at 3 pm in the church of Selvana. Struck by a stroke on Wednesday evening, he passed away on Friday: he would have turned 70 on 17 October. He leaves his son Michele and his wife Bruna. D’Incà had founded the Amateur League in 1977, leading it to have over 90 registered companies, and was still regional president of Csain (Corporate and industrial sports center). He was the one who gave the input for the birth of the refugee team at the Serena Barracks. Numerous certificates of closeness arrived to the family. “He was a beloved character of Treviso sport, who has always known how to defend and enhance the value aspects, friendship and sporting practice as a model of aggregation and fun”, are the words of the mayor of Treviso Mario Conte. “Pierluigi leaves a great and indelible memory in our section for the many years of collaboration, friendship, esteem and closeness to the world of arbitration”, added the president of the Treviso Hague Calogero Castellino. But there are also many amateur football clubs and more who wanted to remember him, from Treviso to Santa Maria del Sile, «Gigi was the beating heart of the Treviso amateur football movement for more than 40 years. A man passionate about life, capable of transmitting the simplest values ​​of our sport to all », they reminded him at San Giuseppe. Many today, in the various fields of the province, will remember it, as did the FIGC of Veneto.

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Series D. Montebelluna-U. Clodiense at 3 pm. Early yesterday Dolomiti Bellunesi-Arzignano 2-3.

Excellence. From 15.30. Gir B: Giorgione-Godigese. Gir C: PortoMansuè-Caorle, Liapiave-Eclisse, Liventina-Opitergina, Montello-Union Pro, Portogruaro-Treviso, Martellago-Istrana, Vittorio Falmec-Sandonà.

Promotion. Gir D: Campigo-Zero Branco, Vedelago-Miranese. Gir E: Conegliano-Julia, Fontanelle-Union Qdp, Lovispresiano-Fiori Barp Mas, Noventa-Santa Lucia, Ponzano-Cavarzano, Vazzola-Caerano, Villorba-Fossalta Piave.

Before. Gir H: Ardisci and Spera-Fulgor Trevignano, Indomita Vigodarzere-Altivolese Maser, Loreggia-Cornuda Crocetta (in Treville), S- Gaetano-Savio, Union Riese Spv-Salvatronda. Round I: Barbisano-Cappella Maggiore, Cordignano-San Vendemiano, Longarone-Cisonese, Cadore-San Martino Colle, Schiara-San Michele Salsa, Valdosport-Refrontolo (postponed to 16.30). Gir L: Town of Paese-Fontane, Gorghense-Biancorossi, Jesolo-Condor Treviso, Pramaggiore-Silea, Sant’Elena-Libertas Ceggia, San Stino-Monastier.

Second. Gir H: Belvedere-U. Ezzelina, Eagles Pedemontana-San Lazzaro. Gir Q: Cessalto-Fossaltese, Zensonese-Cesarolo. Gir R: Ardita Breda-Fregona, Sarmede-Codognè, Casale-Union Feletto Vallata, Casier Dosson-Orsago, Cimapiave-Zigoni Oderzo, Evolution-Campolongo, Uniongaia-San Fior. Gir S: Fossalunga-Quinto, Carbonera-Bessica, Castion-City of Asolo, Fanzolo-Giavera, Padernello-Postioma Porcellengo, S. Floriano-Treville Sant’Andrea, Vidor-Resana. Gir T: Itlas Santa Giustina-Ponte nelle Alpi, Juve Mugnai-Vitt San Giacomo, Sospirolese-Tarzo Revine L.

Third. Gir Treviso: Morocco-City of Country B, Parè-Badoere, Salvarosa-Arcade, San Vittore-Contea; played yesterday Altivolese Maser B-Fulgor Trevignano B 1-0, Madonna della Salute-Pederobba 1-0, Fc Conegliano-La Ronca 2-2. Gir Bassano: Loria-Cogitana; yesterday Santa Croce B-Ramon.

Female. Excellence: Condor Treviso-Belluno, Permac Vittorio Veneto-Nuova Virtus (in Colle Umberto), Sarone Caneva-Treviso Women, Spal Cordovado-Carbonera, Villorba-Maerne (anticipated at 12.30). –

Federico Cipolla

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