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Above all, let it not end even worse, wished Drchal from Jablonec

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Above all, let it not end even worse, wished Drchal from Jablonec

He grew up in Sparta, before the season he transferred from Sparta to Jablonec. That’s why the duel was specific for him. “I was only a little pleased with the goal scored, that’s all,” he said sadly in front of the journalists. Just as the cheering guests, his former teammates, were passing by. “I was looking forward to the match, but after 25 minutes it was over,” he said sadly.

Letenský went to the cabin with a luxurious lead of 5:0. Jablonečtí have never played a worse first half among the elite. “The game was already bad, it’s just a matter of not ending it worse. Which we succeeded in, but that’s wrong,” he noted.

What happened to Jablonec in the first half? “We didn’t play well. It is impossible for the opponent to go at our goalkeeper five times alone! We should have pulled down and not performed unnecessarily. We left them an awful lot of space,” he found one of the causes of the historic debacle.

Before the match, he declared that he would celebrate a possible goal against his parent club in a decent way, but in the end he was not in the mood for even a small celebration. “There is nothing to celebrate about the goal at 1:5,” he said of the strike after a shot from beyond the box, which goalkeeper Vindahl did not reach after an hour of play.

It was understandably busy in the Jablonec cabin at halftime. “There was shouting and some emotion. We said to ourselves that we want to at least somehow finish the match. The game didn’t work in the first half. We played the second one a little differently, Sparta also slowed down a bit and it was a little better,” he concluded disappointedly. This is simply not how he imagined the premiere in front of his own fans on the newly renovated playing field.

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