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Adelman returns to Rockets’ 22-game winning streak and admits coaching Yao Ming feels great

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Original title: Adelman returns to the Rockets 22-game winning streak frankly coaching Yao Ming feels great

On September 12, Beijing time, earlier today, at the 2021 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame incorporation ceremony, former Rockets coach Rick Adelman officially entered the Hall of Fame.

In his speech on the move-in, Adelman mentioned his coaching experience in the Rockets and his work with Yao Ming.

“In the Rockets, I had the opportunity to coach some great players: Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Lowry, Shane Battier, Scola, Mutombo… There we had 22 consecutive victories.”

From 2007 to 2011, Adelman was in charge of the Rockets coach. During the period, he led the team to a total of 193 wins and 135 losses, and led the team to the playoffs in 2008 and 2009.

Among them, in 2009, the Rockets broke through the first round of the playoffs and lost to the Lakers in 7 battles in the Western Conference semifinals. That time was also the only semifinal experience in Yao Ming’s career. However, it was also in the playoffs that Yao Ming suffered a season loss due to a fractured left ankle, which triggered his retirement.

After Yao Ming was reimbursed, Adelman failed to lead the team to a breakthrough in the next two seasons, so in 2011, he resigned sadly.

In fact, in Adelman’s coaching career, he led the Blazers to the Finals and played in the Western Conference finals with the Kings. In contrast, his experience with the Rockets is not the most successful. However, the 22-game winning streak in the Rockets era is indeed unforgettable. In today’s speech, Adelman also specifically mentioned this point.

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“The team hasn’t had Yao Ming in the second half of the winning streak. It’s incredible. We don’t know how the 22-game winning streak was achieved. But these players are tough guys. They work together and do a very good job.” Adel Man said so.

After leaving the Rockets, Adelman went to the Timberwolves to coach for three more seasons, but the record was very bad, with a total of only 97 wins and 133 losses. However, in the Timberwolves, he won the 1,000th game of his coaching career and successfully entered the ranks of Qiansheng coaches.

After 2014, Adelman resigned from the Timberwolves, he said goodbye to his coaching position and began to enjoy his retirement. (Poirot)Return to Sohu to see more


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