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After Kobe lost in the 2008 Finals: I played for the championship and losing means failure – yqqlm

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After Kobe lost in the 2008 Finals: I played for the championship and losing means failure – yqqlm

Original title: After Kobe lost in the 2008 Finals: I was playing for the championship and losing means failure

On April 29, 2023, Beijing time, the Bucks were blacked out by the Heat in the first round of the Eastern Conference and missed the conference semifinals. Antetokounmpo’s interview after the game caused huge controversy.

Antetokounmpo said in an interview: “Is this year a failure? Is it a failure if you don’t win the championship? Jordan played for 15 years and won 6 championships. Is he a failure for the remaining 9 years? No one can win all the time. “

Many netizens think of the press conference after the Lakers lost to the Celtics in the 2008 Finals. Kobe Bryant’s black face was extremely low throughout the press conference, and he was extremely angry at the loss.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Reporter: “I won the MVP this year and reached the finals. How do you evaluate this season?”

Kobe: I am not playing for the MVP, I am playing for the championship, I lost the finals, so this season is a failure.

Reporter: I heard “Will you keep the original lineup? Or do you make another big change in the off-season?”…

Kobe laughed for the first time: No, no, we are fine, but we must know that what we do now does not mean we will do it next year, and we must continue to work hard.

Reporter: “Before you said that you only watched the Yellow-Green War on TV. Now that you have become a part of it, how do you feel?”

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Kobe did not forget to joke: It made me sick.

In the end, Kobe’s summary of the season I believe many people still remember: “Now I am only frustrated and disappointed, but I am proud of my teammates. Second place means you’re the number one loser and we’re going to come back with that in mind.”

In the 2007-08 season, Kobe played 82 regular season games, won the MVP and led the Lakers back to the finals after 4 years, but lost 2-4 to the Celtics. Not long after the end of the season, he followed the US team to the Beijing Olympics and led the team to win the championship. In the following 2008-09 season, Kobe was still in full attendance, leading the Lakers to reshape the golden body, and he also won the first Finals MVP. (Editor: Sheng Zhe)Return to Sohu to see more


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