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Andimoda Ragusa defeated at home

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Andimoda Ragusa defeated at home

Last Sunday, the seven coached by Salvatore Russo was forced to give up ground to Villaurea Palermo after a first half to forget (7-10 for the guests) and a second half in which the locals were unable to find the right verve to attempt an overtaking.

The Palermitans, who had already won in the first leg, during the opening match of the tournament, yes they confirm a real thorn in the side of the Ibleans who, perhaps, took the match lightly, believing that the opponent was manageable. Also because Andimoda was starting to become more aware of its own means but, evidently, all this was not enough to save what could be saved.

“We are certainly saddened – clarified from Andimoda – and what happened must make us reflect. Nothing should ever be taken for granted. We took to the pitch very relaxed in the first half and we paid the price for this inattention. In the second half we started to cause a little more difficulty for our opponents, but it wasn’t enough to go further than we should have. We have always been below. Unfortunately, we adapted to their pace and paid dearly for it. This will serve as an experience, especially for the younger ones, so that similar mistakes are no longer made.”

Now Andimoda dives back into training to prepare for the next match on the pitch of the bottom of the lineup, Cus Palermo. The objective is to try to recover from the misstep and make some progress in the standings.

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